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Shweta Chaubey, has been a Health Products For You contributor since 2021. An advocate-turned-writer, her desire to create meaningful and positive content has brought her to HPFY and what better than writing for a health and wellness website, we don’t say it, she does!

She believes in the tenants of hard work, honesty, and being humble in all she does. She dreams of becoming an administrative officer and truly making a difference in people’s lives.


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7 Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Posted on Aug 24, 2022 by Shweta Chaubey

Choosing the right exercise equipment for seniors for routine physical activity is quintessential. Inappropriate home exercise equipment can lead to grave consequences and cause unnecessary trauma, muscle pain, tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, knee pain, and other problems.

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Posted in Cardio Equipment

5 Best Compression Stockings for Women

Posted on Aug 25, 2022 by Shweta Chaubey

Compression stockings for women is specially created, snugly fit, elastic stockings designed to gently squeeze your ankles and calves to help stimulate better blood circulation, prevent edema and deep vein thrombosis, and speed up recovery from ailments.

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Posted in Compression Socks

5 Top Reviewed Dressing Aid for Getting Dressed with Ease

Posted on Aug 27, 2022 by Shweta Chaubey

With age comes a lot of physical challenges. Some of these troubles may seem minuscule on the outside but can affect the quality of one's life greatly. One such challenge is getting dressed. Needlessly, getting dressed is quite a challenge for seniors and anybody who experiences arthritis, terminal illness, or has recently had a stroke or surgery.

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Posted in Assistive Aids for Dressing

5 Top Reviewed Trigger Thumb Splint

Posted on Sep 01, 2022 by Shweta Chaubey

Trigger thumb causes inflammation or swelling and damages your sheath covering the tendons in thumb. Other conditions like arthritis, gamekeeper's thumb, UCL injuries, and tendonitis cause stiffness and discomfort. Find the best Trigger Thumb Splints at Rehab Store. These trigger thumb braces are highly reviewed and considered effective in relieving various joint ailments in the thumb.

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Posted in Thumb and Finger Supports

5 Best Toilet Riser For Better Bathroom Safety

Posted on Sep 01, 2022 by Shweta Chaubey

Toilet risers come in different styles and patterns. Some are well-equipped with features that can facilitate a person while using the toilet commode. These features include built-in arms, padded handles, and durability for offering support to a person with reduced upper body strength to sit down safely.

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Posted in Bathroom Safety

Top 5 Golfer's Elbow Braces [Best Reviewed Golf Elbow Braces]

Posted on Sep 01, 2022 by Shweta Chaubey

A golfer's elbow brace is a popular aid in treating and rehabilitating a golfer's elbow. There are several elbow braces available at Rehab Store, including epicondylitis clasps, elbow straps, and elbow sleeves. Find the perfect golfer's elbow brace that suits your needs the best.

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Posted in Golfer's Elbow

Top 10 Backrest Pillows for Back Pain Relief

Posted on Sep 05, 2022 by Shweta Chaubey

Backrest pillow is designed to place between your lower back and your seat. As the name suggests, they support your backbone or lumber spine and the muscles along with realigning the spine. Backrest pillow for bed can be tucked under the knees or hips while sleeping to keep your spine in the right alignment.

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Posted in Back Pain

Top 10 Best Reviewed Unloader Knee Braces

Posted on Sep 05, 2022 by Shweta Chaubey

An unloader knee brace is used to provide support, stability, and pain relief caused by knee osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disorder that causes excruciating pain and immobility in the tissues of ball-and-socket joints, hinge joints, pivot joints, and ellipsoidal joints, to name a few.

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Posted in Arthritis

What Causes Pain On Top Of Foot?

Posted on Sep 10, 2022 by Shweta Chaubey

Pain on top of foot is quite a common phenomenon that can perturb your daily routine and lead to extreme discomfort and swelling, so much so that it can make walking a dreadful experience. There may be several reasons for such sharp pain on top of foot when walking, however, identifying the cause of foot pain and its treatment is quintessential to an independent and quality life.

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Posted in Ankle & Foot

Five Top Wrist Braces for Tendonitis

Posted on Sep 15, 2022 by Shweta Chaubey

Wrist tendonitis is a condition wherein the tendons that connect the muscles to the bones are inflamed, leading to excessive wrist pain. It may also cause pain in the wrist when making a fist, lifting an object, or performing repetitive wrist movements.

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Posted in Hand and Wrist Supports

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