Knee Braces for Osteoarthritis | Osteoarthritis [OA] Knee Braces | Knee Supports

Functional or OsteoArthritis Knee Braces are designed to prevent or reduce the severity of knee injuries. They are available in pull-on and wrap-around style. Stress and load on the affected side of the joint is transferred to the unaffected compartment, allowing the joint to realign. 
Seek support for flaccid or weak knees and restrict arthritic changes with the knee orthosis we have here from Lenjoy Medical Engineering. These feature a bend-to-fit patented design and are lightweight and durable. There are different types available including goniometer, for increasing knee extension following CVA, surgery, injury or neurological problems, and spring-loaded goniometer orthosis. Take advantage of our super-save offers on these products and save big!

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