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What is an Overbed Table?

Disability or illness often makes you bedridden and forces you to stay in bed for a long time. During this time, one has to perform all the activities while lying in bed. This includes eating, reading, writing, or performing other daily tasks. An Overbed Table is designed to offer convenience while doing these daily activities. It typically consists of a flat surface, often made of wood or plastic, supported by a sturdy frame with wheels or casters on the bottom. Hospital tray tables are often used in hospitals and other healthcare settings to provide patients with a convenient surface for meals, medication, and other activities while confined to bed. They can also be helpful for people recovering from illness or injury at home who need to spend a lot of time in bed. In addition, overbed tables can be used by individuals with limited mobility or confined to a wheelchair, providing them with a convenient and accessible surface for daily activities.

At Rehab Store, you will get a variety of desks for beds with different features, such as some have tilted tops and some with adjustable height systems. In addition, small lipping or rails on the sides prevent items from slipping off, while clamping screws allow the table to be tilted to the required angle.

Benefits of using Bed Table

  • Keeps the necessary items accessible while in bed
  • Serves as a surface for food trays and can hold personal items
  • Comes with wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Some bed trays for eating have a tilt top to move the table at the required angle
  • The height of the table can be adjusted according to the need

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you adjust a hospital bedside tray table?

The hospital table should be installed at a comfortable height for the user.

  • To raise the tabletop, place your hand underneath the table top and move it upward to the desired height.
  • Remove hand pressure to set height.
  • To lower the tabletop, lift the release lever and push the tabletop down to the desired height.

2. How does a bed table tray work?

An overbed or over-chair table is a type of portable table that is placed over a user while they're sitting or lying down. The table's surface can be used as a bed or a lounge chair. Thus, they are typically seen in care homes and hospitals to cater to resident and patient needs.

3. What items should not be placed on the bedside table?

The following items should not be placed on the bedroom side tables:

  • Soiled linen
  • bedpans
  • urinals
  • any contaminated items

4. How to clean the hospital tray table?

  • Gently wipe the table with a soft, clean, damp cloth.
  • To wash more thoroughly: Clean with mild soap and water.
  • Dry the table with a clean, soft cloth.
  • Note: Do not use cleaners that may damage the table's finish.

Where to buy Bed Table online?

Bed Desk Tray is ideal for users who spend most of their time in bed due to their mobility restrictions. It allows them to have access to food, reading, and writing activities. At Rehab Store, you will get a wide range of bed tables that have high quality and durability. We bring them from top-selling manufacturers like Drive Medical, Dynarex Corporation, AMFAB CO, LLC, and more.

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