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CAM Walker Boot, also known as Controlled Ankle Movement boot, is an adjustable orthopedic device designed to prevent or limit ankle and foot movement. Its rigid structure supports and protects the foot, redistributes weight, stabilizes the tendons and ligaments, and regulates the blood circulation in the foot to get blood and oxygen to the injured tissues for faster repair and healing.

When to use CAM Boot?

  • Ankle, foot, or shin fractures
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Ankle sprains
  • Achilles' injuries
  • Calf tears
  • Heel decubitus

Features of Cam Walker

  • Cam boot fabricated with a superior patient fit and comfortable material. 
  • The Foot Brace Boot has a unique shock-absorbing feature that reduces heel-strike impact during ambulation and minimizes further irritation to the injured area.
  • Cam walking boots consist of a hard plastic shell and a rigid frame to restrict motion and protect the injured leg completely.
  • Cam boot walker acts as a cast replacement to provide stabilization without limiting the motion that is feasible to walk.

Benefits of Cam Walking Boot

  • Walker boot helps with many bones, ligaments, and soft tissue (muscular) injuries.
  • Cam walker is ideal for treating plantar flexion, foot drop, hip rotation, heel ulcers, and wound care.
  • Cam walking boot is used to reduce swelling and pain and the healing time of the injury in your foot.
  • Cam Boots allow immobility for the hinge of your ankle in order to rest/protect the damaged area.
  • An ankle walking boot prevents movement and reduces the stress applied to the fractured of your foot or ankle.
  • Walker brace provides customized compression and redistributes weight, thus reducing pain and swelling in the lower leg.

Buying Guide for Cam Walker Boot

In addition to the wide variety of styles and models of different walking boots, it is important to consider them before making the final selection. 


One should choose an appropriate size to provide proper support and immobilization. One can review a size chart available for each walking boot. 


Walking casts may come with velcro straps that provide mild compression and improves blood flow. 


CAM walker fracture boot has a lightweight and supportive design made of a rigid material such as aluminum. High-top walking casts or Air cast boots have such supports. The walker is important in providing stability to the injured part of the foot or ankle.

While all Cam Walkers function the same thing, different features may benefit different patients. Simply review each Orthopedics Product's features and specifications so that you may find the best Cam Walker Boot that fixes foot ailments you may have. Please take a prescription from your doctor so that you can make a better decision.

Our 5 Best Medical Boot at Rehab Store

Rolyan Podus Boot:

Designed for use for injuries such as plantar flexion contraction, decubitus heel/toe ulcers, and hip rotation, this boot can be used with or without the available ambulation attachment. This boot helps elevate and float the heel. The fleece lining has added padding for extra cushioning and pressure relief.

Comfy Boot :

Often, this boot is worn by patients who are bedridden to prevent pressure sores, but with the ambulating base, it may be worn out of bed.

Thuasne XLR8 Pneumatic Walker Boot:

This boot is designed for treating severe sprains, malleolar fractures, and fractures in the lower 1/3 part of the leg. The full-shell structure optimizes immobilization and has a pneumatic bladder with a built-in air pump to easily adjust pressure once the boot is on.

Aircast AirSelect Short Walking Boot :

This boot has a durable, semi-rigid shell that provides protection and support for stress/stable fractures of the foot, soft tissue injuries, and severe ankle sprains. The pre-inflated front panel and two adjustable distal air cells absorb and dissipate shock.

Ovation Medical Gen 2 Standard Pneumatic Walker :

The low profile of this pneumatic walker practically eliminates leg length discrepancy and reduces shock absorption to the injured extremity by 50%. Designed with an ergonomic pump and single pushbutton release making for ease of use and increased patient compliance.

Where to buy a Walking Boot?

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