Ergometers - Upper body Bikes, cycles and Resistance Systems

Ergometers can be used to strengthen both upper and lower body. They act as cross training products for both strength and cardio. These are designed to improve upper body strength, especially the muscles of the deltoids (shoulders) and triceps (rear arms). Some are adjustable with wheelchair accessible platform which offers active, independent resistance on the upper and lower cycles. An electronic monitor keeps track of your goals by measuring your distance, time, speed, calories, and pulse. Upper Body Ergometers (UBEs) are designed to strengthen and condition your upper body, as well as get a cardiovascular workout, by only using your arms. At Rehab Store, you may choose from a portfolio of Ergometers including Hand Cycle Tabletop Platform System, Cycle Table Platform Resistance System, Upper and Lower Body Platform Resistance System, Sit to Stand Exerciser, Tri-Core Balance and Stabilization Multi-Station Exercise Unit, Multi-Angle Exercise Bench, etc, from well known manufacturer such as Endorphin, Matrix etc.