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What is wound care?  

Wound care and treatment are important processes to avoid serious health conditions. A wound can become a serious infection if not treated with diligence and proper care. 

Typical wound care products come in various ranges and offer different purposes. Rehab Store carries many wound care supplies to suit your needs and promote healing. 

What are wound care products? 

Advanced wound care products at Rehab Store include -  

Buying Guide for Advanced Wound Care Products 

Choosing the right wound care products depends on several factors, including -  

1. The Type and severity of the wound 

Every wound is different; therefore, the attention and wound care given to them also differ. Rehab Store offers wound care supplies to treat wounds such as -  

pressure ulcers or bedsores that occur due to excessive pressure or friction on bony areas. 

2. Level of exudate or drainage 

Choose products specifically designed to suit the level of exudate or drainage from the wound. Low to moderate exudate indicates systemic problems like dehydration or ischaemic ulcers. You would require simple hydrocolloid dressings and other wound supplies to manage these wounds. 

Similarly, for moderate to high exudate wounds, opt for wound dressings made from a soft, elastic material that snugly seals the wound site to trap the excess fluid and diminish the chances of chronic skin infections. Foam or alginate dressings that do not stick to the wound site clear infection and reduce the odor while absorbing the exudate. 

Subsequently, identifying the wound location helps in accurate documentation and assessment of the condition.  

3. The health of the wound site 

It is important to know the health of the wound site before ordering wound care supplies. Healthy wounds do not need too much attention; however, a wound that is already infected or has started to get infected may lead to delayed healing and thus require immediate and proper wound care.  

4. Medical history 

Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or surgery, can complicate wound healing and often slow the healing rate. It is important to consult a doctor to properly navigate the wound healing process.  

5. Other things to remember 

  • Choosing a wound dressing will depend on the features and symptoms of the wound.  
  • Some patients may or may not be at risk of developing complications related to wound dressings, such as allergies and macerations. 
  • Continual inspection of the wound is required for proper wound care. 

Where to buy Wound Care Products? 

Rehab Store offers a wide range of medical supplies like wound care supplies, ostomy supplies, and incontinence supplies, to name a few and rehabilitation products, including orthopedic supplies and therapy essentials at the most affordable prices. Order today to get exclusive discounts.