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EMS and TENS units are mainly used for pain management. They help in reducing muscle contraction and muscle pain by stimulating nerves and increasing blood flow. TENS unit & EMS machine is used for pain management in the arms, legs, or any other body part. Usually, people use muscle pain relief cream or sprays but these devices work better. Rehab Store provides various EMS & TENS unit from manufacturers like Compass Health Brands, Biomedical Life Systems, Bodymed, Pain Management Technologies, and many others.

TENS VS EMS: What is the difference? 

TENS vs EMS unit both the devices work the same way but for different purposes, it’s necessary to understand which one works for which kind of pain. Here is the difference between EMS and TENS unit. 

What is a TENS unit?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation, which works as a muscle stimulator by sending low voltage shock to the affected area and stimulates muscle contraction. It is not used to cure injuries but for contraction and muscle pain relief. TENS unit is connected with muscle stimulation pads which sends electrical signals to contract muscles that reduces pain. This pain management process goes for about 15-40 minutes depending upon the pain, it doesn’t cure but eases the pain. 

When is TENS unit used? 

TENS unit is often used to treat -  

TENS unit is used as a muscle stimulator, but in some cases, TENS units need to be avoided, such as- 

  • Heart disease 
  • Cancer  
  • Pregnancy 
  • Bleeding disorder 

What is an EMS Machine?

EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation machine, which is typically found in physical therapy and fitness centers. EMS machine also has muscle stimulation pads, but its intensity is stronger than TENS, it is used for muscle contractions and muscle growth. EMS machine works the same way as muscle exercises as it strengths and grows the muscles. 

When is EMS machine used? 

EMS and TENS unit are basically electric currents that work as a muscle stimulator, the TENS unit reduces pain & muscle contraction, and EMS machine reduces soreness while growing muscles and strengthens them. They are lightweight and convenient to use, but always consult a healthcare professional before using EMS and TENS unit.

There are a lot of pain management machines that provide both electrotherapies, and you can have benefits of both, EMS and TENS unit in the same device. They work depending on your injury and reason of contraction.  

Buyer’s guide for EMS and TENS Unit 

  1. Intensity level of the device – Intensity level depends on the pain the patient is feeling. Most TENS units have an intensity level of 80 mA, which is enough for any user for normal use, always check the intensity level of the device before buying it. 
  2. Patient’s medical condition – It completely depends on the patient's medical condition. What kind of EMS and TENS unit do they require. If they have chronic pain, and they need to use it multiple times, buying a muscle stimulator that has both EMS and TENS is a smart choice. 
  3. Timer on device – Most of the EMS and TENS unit comes with a timer in it, to know the time of your session, it will help you decide the time limit of your session. Prefer buying an EMS and TENS unit having a timer. 
  4. Portability – You can feel pain anywhere, and you will require to use this device there also. This is why a lot of EMS and TENS unit are portable and pocket friendly. You can take them anywhere with you and use them outdoors also. 
  5. Combined unit – If you want both EMS and TENS units, you don’t have to buy them separately, you can get a combined unit of both of them. It depends on the use of the buyer but both are available in one combined unit also. 
  6. Battery life of device– EMS and TENS unit comes in both types either battery operated or rechargeable. If your use is only indoors you can get chargeable, if you are going to use it outdoors, battery operated is also available, buyer can choose according to their use and convenience. 

Where to buy TENS Units and EMS Machines online? 

Rehab-Store gives you a variety of TENS Unit & EMS Machines For Sale! All the products are made by top selling manufacturers like Chattanooga Group, Bio Protech, Dr-Ho's, and others for your pain relief and muscle growth. Check out Rehab-Store for offers and discounts on every purchase. 

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