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What is a Cervical Pillow?

A cervical pillow is designed to offer necessary support to the neck and maintain natural cervical spine alignment. If one experiences neck pain when lying down or suffers from a stiff or sore neck when one wakes up, it means their neck requires support while sleeping or resting. Sleep becomes a distant dream for people suffering from neck pain, which can adversely affect an individual's overall health. A cervical roll pillow or neck roll offers optimum support to the neck and fills in the area between the head and shoulder, allowing one to sleep well and wake up refreshed.

1. What Causes Neck Pain?

The neck is flexible support to bear the weight of the head, which makes it prone to injuries and conditions that cause pain and restrict motion. The neck muscles can get strained due to bad posture. Neck pain is quite common and is not a huge problem in itself. However, it can lead to more serious health concerns if not treated on time. One should seek medical help if the neck pain accompanies numbness or loss of strength in the arms or hands.

2. Do cervical pillows work?

Cervical pillows help one sleep better. A pillow with good cervical support relieves neck pain and improves rest.

3. Are cervical pillows good for side sleepers?

Cervical Support Pillow for back and side sleepers improves sleep posture. The center of the pillow dips down to cradle the head during sleep and ensures proper alignment in the spine for the sleeper. Adjusting to cervical pillows takes time as they need changes in sleep posture.

Which pillows do side sleepers need?

Usually, a side sleeper needs a medium to high loft pillow to keep their head, neck, and spine properly aligned.

Where can I buy Neck Pillows?

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