About Us

Recovery is a process. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes everything you’ve got.

We at Rehab Store are your companions on this road to recovery. We will facilitate bringing to you all that you need. Challenges on this road are abundant and could manifest themselves in various ways, emotional or physical. While we help overcome the physical challenge by bringing to you the products, devices, aides you may need, we are also your go-to place for research, information, guidance and sometimes just a word of encouragement.

Whether your recovery is from an injury or from a disease, the solutions that can help are all under one roof here in the Rehab Store. In instances when complete recovery is not an option, we provide options to manage the pain. Through Rehab store you can empower yourself with the resources created for this very purpose. Use of specially developed appliances and equipment can go a long way in managing the discomfort. Whether in the kitchen or sleeping. Whether eating or exercising. There are hundreds of devices that will allow you to live a normal life despite a disability. You can continue your household chores without depending on others.

Apart from items which aid in daily living, there are machines and devices specially created to provide the healing touch. These are designed to exercise the affected joint as part of the healing. And you can do this at home, too. No need to make painful hospital visits.

We at Rehab Store believe pain management is important if life is to get back to normalcy. We want to be your beacon of hope through any injury, chronic age or disease related condition you are struggling to rehabilitate from.

Rehab Store offers you complete treatment in a complete environment. We don’t only provide but also guide! We are aware that health should be your greatest strength. And bringing it back into your life is our greatest strength.

The customer service team for Rehab Store is based in Danbury, Connecticut. The staff is well-versed in all the products we sell so they will help you with all product-related questions. We are always available to take your calls and answer all queries

Ordering at Rehab Store is easy. You can pay by credit card or check. If you need assistance with order placement, you can call our toll free number 844-490-2625. You can also write to us at Customer Service.

Write your check to “HPFY Stores” and mail it to HPFY Stores; 14 Fairfield Dr Brookfield, CT 06804

We hope to make this online journey for you a comprehensive and pleasant one. We are confident you will find your product at Rehab Store.