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What Are Shoulder and Arm Skates Used For?  

Shoulder and arm skates are rehabilitation devices designed to improve the range of motion in the wrist, arm, and shoulder of the patient after a stroke, injury, or surgery. Those with limited range-of-motion (ROM) due to a medical condition can benefit from Arm Skate Occupational Therapy. They also help in improving coordination, manipulation, endurance, and sequencing. 

Several causes can affect our ability to open and close our shoulders, hands, and arms to their full capacity. Any injury to the shoulder, hand, wrist, or forearm area can hamper the ability of our hands to function properly.  

Stroke can also lead to motor function impairment that affects our arms and hands. Hand skateboards are progressive mobility products used by occupational therapists for gaining upper body strength back. They are perfect for physical therapy exercises of arms, shoulders, elbows, and wrist joints.  

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Shoulder Flexion Rom Exercise Skates Features 

  • Arm Skate Occupational Therapy is used in hospitals, clinics, or at home for hand and shoulder injury rehabilitation.   
  • Arm skates come with four ball-bearing casters that allow patients to glide across smooth surfaces easily  
  • Most Shoulder ROM Exercisers are designed with a contoured area lined with synthetic sheepskin  
  • These skates comfortably fit a wide range of hand and arm sizes.  
  • Soft adjustable straps securely keep a patient’s arm in place  
  • Arm Skate Occupational Therapy helps you perform various exercises that will help maintain and improve your range of motion.   
  • Always consult your physical therapist before using shoulder ROM exercise equipment. They will suggest the correct way of using these skates and recommend exercises that suit your requirements.   

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does arm skate therapy work?

Patients use the arm skate device to perform controlled movements, promoting muscle activation and coordination. It is designed to simulate real-world activities and engage different muscle groups in the arms.

2. Is arm skate therapy suitable for all ages?

Yes, Arm Skate Occupational Therapy can be adapted for different age groups, including children and adults. Occupational therapists customize the exercises based on the individual's needs and goals.

3. What are the benefits of arm skate therapy?

The therapy aims to improve upper limb strength, coordination, and motor skills. It can enhance independence in daily activities and promote functional abilities.

4. How long does an arm skate exercise session typically last?

The duration of sessions can vary depending on individual needs and treatment plans. Sessions may range from 30 minutes to an hour, and the frequency can be determined by the therapist.

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