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An elbow splint is required to curb pain that arises while moving the elbow. You must have seen athletes wearing elbow braces because it prevents injuries and muscle sprains. Elbow braces are also used to immobilize elbows or treat elbow fractures.  

How does an elbow splint work?  

The popularity of elbow splint is increasing because of the benefits it provides. Arm brace or forearm brace is used to treat pain, soreness, and swelling. An elbow brace relaxes the painful muscles and increases the blood and oxygen flow to the target area which heals the injury.  

Benefits of Elbow Brace   

An elbow support brace -  

Types of elbow splint  

An elbow splint are of three types -  

  • Static splint – Static splint stays in a fixed position and doesn’t allow the elbow to move. This splint prevents the elbow from contracting and gives support to the joints. It is used for a shorter period of time, and it limits the range of motion. These elbow splints are generally used post surgery or a fracture.  
  • Dynamic splint – Dynamic splint has an adjustable hinge; it allows movement of the elbow and maintains slightly active motions. This type of elbow splint increases the range of motion of the broken elbow over a period of time. Dynamic splints are normally worn throughout the day.  
  • Tennis elbow splint – Tennis elbow is a condition which results in pain in elbow because of overuse of elbow while playing sports, painting, cooking or any other activities. Tennis elbow splint reduces pain immediately by forcing away the pain from the affected area and reduces pain while healing. 
  • Posterior splint elbow – Posterior splint elbow is a splint affixed to the arm to fix the dislocated arm. Posterior splint elbow is made of plaster or fiberglass with padding of cotton. It stabilizes injury and provides support to the bones and prevents further limb damage.   
  • Elbow immobilizer – Elbow immobilizer is used to stabilize elbow joint or accessing tubes. Elbow immobilizer is made of aluminum and filled with perforated foam to give support and immobilization to the elbow. 

Buying guide for elbow splint  

1. Material 

Elbow splint or elbow braces should be made of comfortable material as they are to be worn the whole day. Its fabric should suit your skin type and gives you comfort while healing.  

2. Correct size

Elbow splint are made to fit on your elbows, make sure they are of the right size and properly fit your arm, and place them perfectly on your affected area. The wrong size of elbow braces may increase the problem.  

3. Support level

There is no point in wearing an elbow splint or elbow brace if it doesn’t support your elbow the right way. Your doctor may ask you to wear an elbow orthosis with maximum support, depending on the injury type. 

Where to buy elbow splints or elbow braces? 

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