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A prosthesis is an artificial limb that replaces a missing body part lost through trauma, accident, disease, or birth defects. Its appearance and function closely resembles the natural body part. Such prosthetic devices help users stay independent and manage their daily activities. Rehab Store offers an extensive collection of prosthetic products including prosthetic socks and stump shrinkers to add comfort to the use of prosthetic limbs. Skin care products like prosthetic lubricants, cleansers, lotions, and anti-perspirant sprays are also available to keep the skin healthy and prevent any kind of skin problems. Browse through our top-selling brands like Alps and Julius Zorn!

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Prostheses are artificial replacements for a missing limb or body part lost through trauma, accident, disease, or congenital disabilities. Usually, prosthesis socks are designed to mimic the function and appearance of the natural body part. People with amputations can manage daily activities more easily and confidently to stay independent.

Rehab Store provides amputee supplies from manufacturers like Mckesson, Medline Industries, New World Imports, and many others.

Benefits of Amputee Supplies

When a lower extremity is amputated or lost, a prosthetic device plays an important role in rehabilitation. Lower-limb prostheses address many problems and enhance daily activities. Here are some of the benefits of prosthetic socks-

Prostheses Products available at Rehab Store

1. Stump Shrinker or Prosthetic Shrinker

Stump shrinkers are compression sleeves pulled over the residual limb to help shape it and prepare it for prosthetic fitting. Shrinkers also help promote proper healing after amputation when the residual limb is sensitive and painful. After getting prostheses, stump shrinkers are used to keep the size and shape of the residual limb.

2. Prosthetic Socks

Prosthetic socks are worn over the amputated limb within a prosthesis. It helps reduce friction, absorb sweat, and provide a snug and comfortable prosthetic fit. These prosthesis socks also help maintain the appropriate fit of the prosthesis. Socks are available in varying thicknesses and materials.

3. Prosthetic Skin Care Products

Prostheses skincare products help create a better and drier skin environment for the prosthetic user. Perspiration control is crucial in preventing abrasions and eliminating odors caused by bacteria. Skincare products like prosthetic lubricants, cleansers, lotions, and antiperspirant sprays are also available to keep the skin healthy, prevent skin problems, and help maintain skin hygiene.

Buying Guide for Amputee Supplies

  1. Material of Amputee Supplies - To reap the greatest benefits of the prosthesis and help prevent problems, it is essential to get orthopedic socks of Comfortable Material. These shrinkers contain fibers to control temperature and bacterial growth and protect the amputee from skin irritation, recurring sores, and phantom pain.
  2. Fitting and Alignment of Shrinkers - Stump Shrinkers are worn for support and comfort. The correct fitting shrinkers are crucial for the amputee as loose amputee socks may begin to feel heavy & uncomfortable and cause friction-related blisters or ulcers.

Where to buy Prostheses Supplies online?

Rehab Store offers a huge collection of prosthetic accessories to help maintain prostheses and the residual limb in good condition. We have products from top-notch manufacturers in the prosthetic industry such as Alps, Julius Zorn, Life Extension, and many more at affordable prices. Show now!

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