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What are assistive devices for the elderly?

Assistive devices for the elderly include a wide range of products for seniors or people with little to no mobility and flexibility. These aids for independent living help a person organize their home, prepare food easily with weak limbs, and maintain personal hygiene all by themselves. Adaptive equipment includes hearing aids, products for visually impaired seniors, dressing aids, adaptive cooking utensils,etc. from manufacturers like Leemarpet Supplies Inc., Mckesson, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, Graham-field Health Products Inc., and others.

Why would someone need adaptive devices?

Adaptive devices are not just tools to enable seniors or physically weaker persons to perform routine tasks. These gadgets can transform lives by making people independent and self-sufficient. Adaptive equipment allows them to live to their full potential with vigor and dignity.

Adaptive equipment for adults

There are tons of living aids available in the market for those who are in dire need to live independently despite their disabilities. At Rehab Store, we offer a wide range of adaptive equipment products for all age groups.

  • Hearing & listening aids include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, various types of phone and sound amplifiers, vacuum systems for cleaning hearing aid devices, hearing aid dryer, accessories for amplifier phones, and more for safe and secure living for hearing and visually impaired persons.
  • Activity helpers provide free movement and independence in lifting. These assistive devices are especially fashioned for those with impaired hand and arm function. These are ergonomically designed for easier grip and reachers and help with day-to-day activities. We offer different lightweight and flexible reachers, hip kits, and leg lifters at great prices.
  • Dressing aids assist seniors in dressing up. These adaptive devices are helpful for those with limited mobility or hand and arm function. Moreover, dressing tools help perform personal care activities like extension razor holders for ladies or nail clippers. All these are effective in maintaining adequate personal hygiene.
  • Low vision aids make a person self-sufficient and independent. Assistive devices for visual impairment are innovative products to make life easier for those with vision impairment. These assistive devices include talking calculators, watches, braille speakerphones, writing guide sets, and voice calendars, to name a few.
  • Home accessories for seniors are appliances and gadgets used in day-to-day activities. Rehab Store offers basic knob turners and envelope openers to utility pushcarts. These are all home accessories made especially for those with limited mobility and flexibility, for both adults and children.
  • Medicines are a huge part of an elderly's life. Therefore, to make taking medicines easier, we offer medication helper aids such as pill organizers, splitters, pulverizers, and other medication supplies that help patients stay on track with daily medication. These assistive devices for elderly are especially useful for those who forget the number of times they need to take a dose. Medication supplies help organize and alert patients to their dosages and cut pills into two or grind them into powder for easy swallowing. Additionally, the convenient snap lids, raised letterings, plus voice guidance help make life smooth for our seniors.
  • Adaptive reading and writing tools include book holders, pointers, arthritis pen, and more. Reading and writing are necessary even when it feels difficult to hold a pen or book properly. Use our adaptive devices for reading & writing and keep entertaining yourself easily.

Buying Guide for assistive devices for the elderly

  1. Assessment of the assistive devices – Assistive devices need to be carefully selected to fulfill the requirement of the individual’s needs. Poor selection and design may lead to frustration, discomfort, and development of other conditions.
  2. Independent adaptive equipment - Daily living products help people with reduced mobility and flexibility to maintain their independence at home. Buy an adaptive equipment that doesn’t require much hassles and makes the individual independent.

Where to buy assistive devices for the elderly online?

Daily living products help people with reduced mobility and flexibility to maintain their independence at home. Rehab Store is your one-stop-shop for buying all that you need to live a life with dignity and action. We provide you with assistive devices from top manufacturers like Medline Industries, North Coast Medical, Vive Health, Mirage Pet Products, and Serene Innovations Inc., to name a few. Place your order with us today!

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