Sammons Preston Lightweight Aluminum Easireach II Reacher With Ergonomic Handle

Sammons Preston Lightweight Aluminum Easireach II Reacher With Ergonomic Handle

  • FSA Approved
  • Made in USA

Sammons Preston Easireach II Reacher With Ergonomic Handle is designed for people with limited reach or strength. The three-inch jaw opening with an orange slip-resistant surface gives high visibility and a secure hold on items. Sammons Preston Reacher features a magnetic tip that picks up even small metal objects. The end post can be used to help with dressing and pulling items closer.

Sammons Preston Reacher Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum construction
  • Magnetic tip
  • Helps in picking up objects from the ground
  • Helps in reaching objects on high shelves

Item # Desc Pkg Price
AA8042 Standard, 26" (66cm) Each
AA8042 Standard, 26" (66cm) 2/Pack
AA8043 Long, 32" (81cm) Each
AA8043 Long, 32" (81cm) 2/Pack
81519008 Standard, 26" (66cm) 15/Pack
557569 Compact, 15" (38cm) Each

Sammons Preston Reacher Features

  • The reacher may also be hung by the curved hook on the handle
  • Sammons Preston Reacher is made for personal use at home or professional use in care facilities
  • Includes a lock-on clip to store reacher on a walker or wheelchair
  • Made for personal use at home or professional use in care facilities
  • Features a 3" jaw opening and a wipe-clean surface for shared use
  • The magnetic tip allows one to grab small metal objects effortlessly
  • Grabber Reacher Tool is ideal for people who have gone through hip replacement surgery
  • Allows people with arthritis to get easy access to things without bending
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When to use a Sammons Preston Lightweight Grabber Reacher Tool?

There are a number of reasons why one may have to use a reacher:

  • Humerus fractures
  • Muscle and ligament tears
  • Sprains and strains
  • Bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Shoulder instability
  • Tendinitis
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Mallet, baseball, or trigger finger

What to buy with Sammons Lightweight Aluminum Easireach II

How Easireach II Reacher With Ergonomic Handle helps the elderly?

  • Pick up an item that has fallen between two other items
  • Open cabinet doors or drawers
  • Retrieve pencils and pens fallen on the floor
  • Get the items at the grocery store or supermarket
  • Take a book from a bookshelf
  • Work as dressing aid to pull up socks
  • Pick the remote control for the video player or television
  • Reachers with magnetic tips, pick up keys and nails with ease

Frequently Asked Questions

What purposes do reachers serve?

Reachers can be used for trash pickup, lawn cleanup, and retrieving small objects from high places, low places, and even tight spaces.

Can a reacher be used to open doors?

Yes, a reacher is a great tool for elderly people and can open doors that have compatible handles.

How much weight can a reacher grabber lift?

Reachers can lift from 4-5 lbs. without any trouble.

How do Reacher grabbers work?

To operate, hold the handle and move the grabber to the item you wish to pick up, making sure the gripper claw is open around it.

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