Evaluation is an important aspect in not only the medical world but almost all fields in the world. But in the medical world, evaluation is given great significance as what hangs in the balance in a human’s life. There are tools developed that help in evaluating the recovery and condition of a patient through a number of different techniques. This helps the caregiver or the medical professional analyse the progress of the patient and thus decide on what will be the next step of treatment or rehabilitation. There are four major things tested using evaluation methods, which include, range of motion testing, vital signs testing, strength testing, and testing other minor body movements and functions using diagnostic aids.

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Range of Motion

Different joints in the human body are stipulated by nature to move in different ways and to a certain extent. The jaw can open to a certain extent and one can bend their elbow also to a certain extent after which it is impossible to move the joint without breaking it or harming it. Range of motion is the concept that measure the amount a joint can move in different directions. Due to some conditions, sometimes people loose the ability to move some joints. Treatment and rehab slowly helps them regain that ability. Devices such as goniometers, inclinometers, posture analyzers, etc help in measuring the range of motion of the joint thus allowing the medical profession to choose the next step of treatment or rehab.

  • Goniometers - Used to measure the angular movement of joints
  • Inclinometers - Helps in measuring the inclination of a joint or a bone
  • Posture Analyzers - They help a person to measure the extent of the deformity in the spine or a bone

Diagnostic Tools

These tools are used to measure minor functions and abnormalities in the body. They help in measuring the sensitivity of a body part, looking into body orifices such as the nose or mouth, analyzing the fat content, measuring blood sugar, and analyzing breath. 

  • Alcohol Detectors/Breathalyzers 

  • Body Fat Analyzers 

  • Diabetic Assessments 

  • Fitness Testing 

  • Measuring Devices 

  • Otoscopes and Penlights 

  • Sensation Testers

Strength Testing

People recovering from motor disabilities, neurological disorders, and surgeries often use a combination of range of motion devices and strength testing devices to measure their recovery. It is important for the limb or part of the body to regain its original strength to function properly. These devices help measure the strength the person has gained over the period of treatment or rehab. They rely on the pressing and pulling capacity of the user. There are two kinds of strength testing devices: 

  • Hand Dynamometers - They measure the strength of the grip of a person by measuring the amount of pressure they exert using their hands. It measures the strength of the entire arm as all the muscles are responsible for the action 

  • Wrist and Pinch Gauges - The user pinches the gauge to measure the strength of the wrist and the fingers. The nerves and muscles, all work together to analyse the strength of the hand

Vital Signs

Vital signs of a person include their heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, etc. Vital signs are measured using sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, blood-pressure monitors, and thermometers. 

  • Sphygmomanometer - They are manual or non-electric devices to measure the blood pressure 

  • Blood Pressure Monitors - They measure the blood pressure of a person electronically and some monitors also sometimes display the heart rate 

  • Stethoscopes - They are one of the oldest form of devices used to measure the heart beat of a person 

  • Thermometers - They are used to measure the body temperature of a person