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What is a hip kit used for?  

A hip kit or hip replacement kit is a set of tools that aid with hip replacement surgery recovery. It helps people who have recently undergone hip surgery to carry out daily tasks on their own during the recovery period. It includes assistive devices that include aids for dressing, putting on socks and stockings, bathing, reaching or grabbing objects and wearing shoes.  

Hip kits are designed keeping in mind the post-surgical complications of hip and knee replacement procedures and make it easier for a person to adjust to limited mobility and take recommended precautions following hip surgery. At Rehab Store you will find hip replacement kits from top manufacturers including Patterson Medical, Essential Medical, Medline Industries and many more.  

What will you get inside a hip replacement kit? 

A complete hip kit is a combination of 6 essential activity helper tools that include: 

A complete Hip Kit includes all these items. While there are other hip kit combinations available that do not offer the complete set and are more economical than complete hip kits. You can choose the one that works the best for you from the various pre-assembled hip replacement kits available at Rehab-Store.  

Who should use hip replacement kits? 

Hip Replacement kits are designed keeping in mind the complications that may occur after hip surgery and what all is required by the patient to cope with the limited mobility during the recovery period.  

Hip Kits can be used by people with following conditions:  

  1. Arthritis 
  2. Hip replacement surgery 
  3. Knee replacement surgery 
  4. Spinal cord injury (Paraplegia) 
  5. Impaired mobility due to disease or injury.  

Hip surgery may cause complications that may occur if strict precautions are not taken. Important ones restrict certain movements including: 

  • Crossing the legs 
  • Bending forward (Should not go beyond 90 Degrees during recovery period). 

Assistive devices included in the hip kit help you stay independent with your daily tasks while following the precautions advised by your healthcare expert. Your therapist will teach you how to carry out routine activities without straining much.   

Where to buy Best Hip Kits Replacement Online? 

Rehab Store offers various choices in hip replacement kits to help you get your daily tasks done with ease. We have the Economy Hip Kit, Premium 5-Piece Hip and Knee Replacement Kit , Premium Comlete Hip Kit and many more configurations from top brands in the industry including Sammons Preston, FabLife , Medline and many more.  

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