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Getting out of bed and performing daily life activities with comfort often becomes challenging for people with some mobility issues, older people, or those who have undergone hip or knee replacement surgery. In such cases, it is required to take proper care of the body. But this should not be a cause that prevents you from working or living a normal life. We bring you activity helpers and adaptive equipment that provide free movement and independence in lifting. There are different lightweight and flexible reachers, hip kits, and leg lifters, all at fabulous discounts!

Types of Adaptive Devices

Leg Lifters

Leg lifters help lift the foot onto a wheelchair footrest, bed, into a car, etc. They are made for those with limited lower extremity strength. MTS SafetySure Leg Up Lifter is great for people who have difficulty getting in and out of bed. An aluminum insert in the center keeps the Leg Up stable when the end loop is placed over the foot and offers additional lifting leverage.


Hip kits are ideal for anyone with knee or hip problems or those recovering from hip, knee, or back surgery. Premium 5-Piece Hip and Knee Replacement Kit is designed to make dressing and bathing an effortless task. It is created to assist those who struggle with limited mobility and need daily assistance.


Reachers and Grabbers allow reaching into distant corners and hard-to-reach places. It assists individuals with limited reach and hand strength. FabLife Deluxe Open Jaw Pistol Grip Reacher has open jaw that closes when trigger is squeezed. It has magnetic tip to help retrieve objects.

How to choose the Right Adaptive Equipment?


Durability is an important factor to consider when choosing assistive aid for the elderly, as these devices are mostly designed to make daily life activities easier for those with limited body movement. It involves frequent use of these types of equipment, and in such a case, it is necessary to have durability in these products.

Weight and Maneuverability

Hip Kits and Grabber tools should have lightweight as it plays a significant role in determining how easy a grabber is to use. They need to be light enough for users so that it's easy for them to manipulate the tool. Most aluminum reachers and grabbers are lightweight and are ideal for anyone who wants to maintain their independence.

Easy to use

Accessibility Aids are mostly used by elders or those who have gone through a hip replacement surgery. In both conditions, the recovery aids should be easy to use and should not involve a complex operating process. The leg lifters have an aluminum insert in the center that keeps the Leg Up stable when the end loop is placed over the foot and offers additional lifting leverage. The reachers usually have magnetic tips or jaws that make the process of picking up the objects easier.

Product Reviews

The selection of the best disability equipment also depends on the best reviews of the product. One can get an idea about choosing the best adaptive devices through the reviews displayed on the product. They provide you with the most appropriate recommendation. Thus having good reviews about the product is also an important factor to consider while buying the assistive aids for elderly.

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Where to buy Assistive Devices online?

At Rehab Store, you will get Assistive Devices for Elderly that are ergonomically designed to make for easier gripping and reaching and help with day-to-day activities. We bring you these high-quality and durable adaptive devices from top-selling manufacturers like Patterson Medical, Essential Medical, Complete Medical Supplies, and more. Place your order with us and stand a chance to earn assured reward dollars on every purchase.