Sammons Preston Reachers

Sammons Preston Reachers

  • FSA Approved

Sammons Preston Rolyan Grabber is a claw grabber that acts as a daily life-assisting device. It is an arm extension designed for people with low hand strength, disabled, or the elderly. The handle has a comfortable grip and fits the contours of your hand. This reacher is useful as it has a foldable design that makes it easy to carry along in a bag. It comes in different sizes to best suit your arm length and can lift less than 1 pound objects. This grabber is for the handicapped, disabled, or those who recently have had surgery, providing users with an extra helping hand.

6 Reasons to choose Sammons Preston Reacher

  1. Portable grabber stick
  2. Foldable reaching tool
  3. Use On the Go
  4. Simple to use
  5. Offers reliable grip
  6. Easy to pull lever

Item # Desc Pkg Price
4107 32" - Long Each
4107 32" - Long 2/Pack
4108 26" - Standard, Folding Each
4108 26" - Standard, Folding 2/Pack
4109 26" - Standard Each
4109 26" - Standard 2/Pack
410925 26" - Standard 25/Pack
920559 26" - Standard, Red Each
920559 26" - Standard, Red 2/Pack
920561 26" - Standard, Blue Each
81587161 32" - Long With Super Strong Magnet Each
410725 32" - Long 25/Pk

Features of Sammons Preston Rolyan Grabber

  • Available in 2 handy sizes for a longer reach, providing an extra helping hand
  • The reaching claw opens 3" wide for quick and easy pick-up of various items like bottles, clothing, and trash
  • Magnetic tip for picking up hard-to-reach small, metallic items like paper clips, coins, and clothes pins
  • Latex-free hand grabber lifts light to moderately heavy objects that weigh less than 1 lb.
  • Pick up light to moderately heavy objects
  • Reduce bending or straining, reach objects high & low
  • Made with Aluminum:
    • This lightweight reach and grab tool is able to lift objects that are less than 1 lb. and is easy to maneuver for items that normally would be out of reach
  • Ergonomic Handle:
    • The handle is designed to fit the contours of hand, making the reacher grabber comfortable to hold when using
    • This contour also gives a sure grip for when grabbing items that would normally be out of reach
  • The Reaching Claw:
    • Both the Standard and Long models feature a pulling lug to draw items closer
    • Every reach and grab tool also comes with a small magnetic tip that is great to pick up small metal items

What to buy with a Grabber Reacher Tool

Clip Shoehorn

Clip Shoehorn

Save Up to 50% 

Calf-Based Toe Lifter

Calf-Based Toe Lifter

Save Up to 40% 

Bath Sponge and Toe Washer

Bath Sponge and Toe Washer

Save Up to 40% 


Who Can Use Aluminum Reacher Grabber?

  • People recovering after an injury or surgery
  • Those with disabilities and the elderly
  • Those with low hand strength
  • Anyone who wants to maintain their independence

​How to use Sammons Preston Rolyan Grabber?

  1. Hold the reacher stick with the ergonomic handle.
  2. Push the gripper to make the jaw clamp around the object.
  3. Once you get a firm hold on the object, simply pick the object up.
  4. You can use a pickup tool to get dressed, pick the trash, pick things at a certain height, and more.

​Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a Sammons Preston Reachers?

A reacher is a tool designed to assist individuals with limited mobility by enabling them to grab and retrieve objects beyond their normal reach, promoting independence in daily tasks. It typically features a long handle and a gripping mechanism for easier reach and retrieval.

What are the benefits of a Sammons Preston Rolyan Grabber?

The Sammons Preston Grabber, enhances independence by enabling individuals with limited mobility to grasp and retrieve items beyond their reach, promoting self-sufficiency.

How do Sammons Preston grabbers work?

Sammons Preston grabbers function through a trigger or lever mechanism on a long handle, enabling users to grip and retrieve objects with a closing mechanism, offering assistance in reaching and grasping without physical strain.

What is the weight capacity of Sammons Preston Reachers?

Sammons Preston Reachers can lift objects that weigh less than 1 lb, making them suitable for a wide range of lightweight to moderately heavy items.

Can I use these reachers if I have arthritis or joint pain?

Yes, Sammons Preston Reachers are designed to assist individuals with limited mobility and joint pain, making them a helpful tool for those with arthritis or similar conditions.

Aluminum Reachers Specification

Reacher Size Reacher Weight Capacity
26 Inch Long 6 oz.
32 Inch Long 8 oz.


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