Protective Aprons and Lab Coats

Protective Aprons and Lab Coats are protective clothing worn over the usual clothes. They are used when contact with the patient or patient environment may lead to the contamination of skin, uniforms, or other clothing. These protective apparels give protection against infectious agents, blood, body substances, secretions, or excretions. Protective aprons and lab coat designs include full length, backless, skirt/vest aprons, both single panel and overlap. Shop a wide range of protective wear from top-selling brands like Medline Industries, Dynarex, Skil Care, etc. @ discounted prices!

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Choosing The Right Protective Apron

The type of apron that should be chosen depends on the degree of contact with the infectious agents and the possibility of blood and body substances penetrating the clothes. 

  1. Degree of contact with infectious agents: A clean non-sterile apron will be adequate to protect the skin and clothes when the anticipated degree of contamination is low. When a high degree of contamination is anticipated, instead of aprons, isolation gowns should be preferred.

  2. Possibility of blood and bodily fluids penetrating into the clothes: Fluid-resistant apron with long sleeves should be preferred when the risk of clothes getting contaminated with blood, body substances, or secretions is high. Otherwise, short sleeved protective aprons and lab coats ca        n also be used.