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What is a Clavicle Brace? 

A clavicle brace is designed to support and immobilize your collar bone or shoulder following a strain, fracture, or trauma. Additionally, a collar bone brace helps improve posture by holding your shoulders back.  

Rehab Store carries high-quality clavicle braces to help prevent and treat your shoulder injuries or correct your posture. These figure 8 braces also treat fractures, sprains, and shoulder instability. Our range of clavicle supports includes products that are comfortable, easy to use, and made of breathable fabric. Collar bone braces are available in different sizes, including pediatric. 

Benefits of Collar Bone Brace 

  • Limits clavicle movement to treat injuries and fractures  
  • Improves posture 
  • helps provide added back support 
  • Helps support an early kyphosis  
  • Helps with rounded and slumped shoulders 

How does a Figure 8 Brace help? 

  • The clavicle (collarbone) is one of the most commonly broken bones in the human body. 
  • These injuries are more prevalent among kids and young adults involved in high-impact exercises or high-contact sports like soccer or football. Collarbone injuries can also be caused by trauma such as car crashes or severe falls. 
  • Most clavicle fractures occur in the midshaft and can be treated non-invasively.  
  • Non-operative treatments may involve pain medication, immobilization, and physical therapy.  
  • A figure 8 brace is the best solution for a clavicle injury as these braces limit the mobility, twisting, and turning of the upper body.  
  • The figure 8 clavicle braces are specifically designed to help treat broken collarbones, clavicle fractures, dislocated clavicles, and pain by providing optimal support and immobilization of the area.  
  • The clavicle strap has two loops that wrap around both shoulders and the neck, which help hold the shoulder back and up.  
  • The collarbone braces also help to correct your posture by pulling your shoulders backward to correct the alignment with your back. Good posture is extremely important while healing a collarbone injury. 

Where to buy a Clavicle Brace online? 

Rehab Store offers a huge range of comfortable and durable collar bone braces and posture braces in various sizes and styles that suit individual needs. The clavicle supports braces are indicated for collarbone injuries, fractured clavicles, poor posture, and pain treatment. The clavicle straps are from renowned vendors like BSN Medical, Patterson Medical, Advanced Orthopaedics, etc. Place your order today! 

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