Top Five Nosey Cups

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Nosey cups are drinking aid cups that have a cut out on the non-drinking side of the cups which enables the drinker to tilt the cups without having any interference by the nose. This also allows the drinker to avoid tilting the head back, thus minimizing the chance of liquid entering the respiratory tubes and choking the person. Individuals with neck strain or other neck problems can also easily use this cup to drink without using a spouted or lidded cup aid. They are made either translucent or transparent depending on the user’s needs. Many of them are dishwasher safe and are microwavable.

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Fitting the Nose – Nosey Cups

Top Five Nosey Cups

1. Alimed Disposable Nosey Dual Cup

Alimed Disposable Nosey Dual Cup is a disposable "chin neutral" cup. It can be used as a regular cup when the client is ready while the perforated cutout can be removed with just a twist. It is convenient and sanitary, suitable for use at bedside, at meals or on a cart. The rim provides a generous cutout with room for the nose, allowing the client to drink without tilting the head. The nosey dual cup is made of paper and can be squeezed to direct the liquid flow.

Features of Alimed Disposable Nosey Cup

  • Disposable
  • Allows client to drink without tilting the head
  • Can be used as a regular cup or a nosey cup

2. Maddak Clear Nosey Cup

Maddak Clear Nosey Cup has a cutout for the nose so a person can drink without tipping the head back or extending the neck. It is made up of unbreakable plastic and has transparent design makes it easy to monitor liquid intake at a glance. It is dishwasher safe to 125°F and latex-free.

Features of Maddak Clear Nosey Cup

  • Maddak Clear Nosey Cup is ideal for:
    • People who have oral motor limitations
    • Limited range of motion of the head, neck or upper extremities, or arthritis
  • Special design provides space for eyeglasses
  • Designed to allow the user to drink with little or no shoulder flexion, wrist extension, or head/neck movement, even if wearing a cervical collar.

3. Medline Nosey Cup Adaptive Drinking Cups

Nosey Cup Adaptive Drinking Cup features a cutout opposite to the sipping side that enables drinking without bending the neck or tilting the head. It is ideal for people with oral motor limitations and limited range of motion of the head, neck, and upper extremities. It comes in white color.


4. Nosey Cutout Tumbler

Nosey Cutout Tumbler features a special cutout that helps maintain proper head and neck positioning when swallowing, making drinking even easier. It is a transparent polypropylene cup that enables instant monitoring of liquid intake. It is an institutional dishwasher safe to 228 degrees.

Features of Nosey Cutout Tumbler

  • Constructed of non-latex and BPA-free materials
  • Home dishwasher safe
  • Quick and easy sanitation between uses

5. Flexi Cups

Flexi Cups with cutouts can be gently squeezed to change the shape of the cup lip. The liquid is visible through the plastic. The green cup is stiffer and designed to be used independently. These cups are BPA-free, latex-free, and dishwasher safe up to 180 degrees.


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