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What is an abductor pillow? 

An Abduction Pillow helps prevent the hips from moving out of the joint. It is ideal for patients who have undergone hip surgery or are recovering from hip fractures. An abduction pillow immobilizes a patient's legs and keeps them at a stable and secure level.  Rehab Store offers a wide range of abductor pillows from leading manufacturers like Span America, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, Geneva Healthcare, Otto Bock, and many others.  

What does hip abduction do? 

After hip surgery your doctors may suggest you to use abduction pillow, the hip abduction works efficiently on your hips and hip joints. Some of the benefits of using abductor pillow- 

  • It helps in keeping your hip straight in bed 
  • Hip pillow prevents from turning your hip in and away from body 
  • It is ideal for post-operative leg immobilization 
  • It helps in providing supportive leg abduction 
  • Helps in post-surgery hip recovery  
  • Abduction pillow helps in holding hip in one position 

Hip abduction exercises for hip replacement recovery 

Recovery process after the hip surgery is a crucial part, it depends upon the patient and their condition. There are many things that affects the recovery process like patient’s age, fitness, condition of their joints, and their regular activities. Hip replacement recovery can be easier and quicker with some hip abduction exercises. Here are some of the abductor muscle exercises that moves your hip joints and result in quick recovery- 

  • Sit straight and slowly move your foot up and down to pump ankles 
  • Rotate your ankles by moving your ankle inward and then outward 
  • Lay down in sleeping position, straighten your legs and slide your one foot towards the hips by bending knees and keeping your heels on the bed 
  • While laying down tighten your buttock muscles for around five seconds and loosen the muscles 
  • Slide your legs apart as far as you can and get it back 
  • Tighten your thigh muscles and release it in 5-10 seconds 
  • While standing, lift your leg up till your waist and slowly put it down 
  • Stand straight, move your leg outside and get it back 

Buying guide for abductor pillow 

1. Fabric of the abduction pillow 

Pillows are used to provide comfort be it neck pillows, orthopedic pillows, abduction pillow, or any other kind of pillow. Abduction pillow needs to be made of soft material or else it can be very uncomfortable while using.  

2. Size of abduction pillow 

The hip abduction pillow is used to support the hip joints and it comes in various sizes to be used by everybody, the hip abduction can be required for obese people also, make sure to buy the correct size of pillow according to the patient and their needs. 

Where to buy hip abduction pillow? 

The abduction Pillow is used to secure the legs properly in the abduction and prevents dislocation of the hips. Rehab Store offers a wide range of abduction pillow and wedge pillow that keeps the legs at a stable and secure level from top selling manufacturers like Danmar Products Inc, Deroyal, Drive Medical and others. 

FAQs about abductor pillow 

1. How long should you use an abduction pillow? 

There cannot be any definitive answer for this. It depends on person to person. Some people may need abduction pillow for a few weeks, while others may need it for several months depending upon their medical condition. 

2. What is the best sleeping position after hip replacement surgery? 

The best position to sleep after hip replacement is on your back with an abductor pillow between the legs. Make sure to avoid crossing your ankles or legs to protect your replaced hip while sleeping. 

3. How to use a wedge pillow for hip pain? 

In order to use wedge pillow, you need to follow these steps- 

  • Set up your chair to have your knees and hips at 90 degrees  
  • Then place the cushion on top  
  • This automatically lifts the hips to be just higher than the knees 
  • It allows the hips to open up and the pelvis to sit in a more supported and relaxed position. 

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