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What is an Abduction Pillow?

An Abduction Pillow helps prevent your hip from moving out of the joint. It is ideal for patients who have undergone hip surgery or are recovering from hip fractures. A Hip abduction Pillow immobilizes a patient's legs and keeps them at a stable and secure level. The patient needs to sleep with the pillow between their legs to prevent rolling and turning, which can cause damage to the newly healing tissues. We offer a wide range of abduction pillows and pillow wedges to help the patient to secure the legs properly in abduction.

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FAQs about Abductor Pillow

How long should you use an abduction pillow?

While in bed, you should use the hip abduction pillow right away after surgery and for six weeks following surgery.

What is the best sleeping position after hip replacement surgery?

The best position to sleep in after total hip replacement is on your back with a pillow between your legs. When you're sleeping on your back, make sure you don't cross your ankles or legs.

How to use a wedge pillow for hip pain?

At work and at home just set up your chair to have your knees and hips at 90 degrees and then place the cushion on top. This automatically lifts the hips to be just higher than the knees, allowing the hips to open up and the pelvis to sit in a more supported and relaxed position.

Where to buy Hip Abduction Pillow Online?

The abduction Pillow is used to secure the legs properly in the abduction and prevents dislocation of the hips. We offer a wide range of abduction pillows and wedge pillows that keeps the legs at a stable and secure level from top selling manufacturers like Span America, Patterson Medical, etc.

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