Adjustable Back Treatment Table

There are some treatments that require a person to frequent between sitting and sleeping. These treatments can be difficult on standard treatment tables as it puts strain on the patient to frequently lie down and sit up. Adjustable back treatment tables help a patient get over this problem by allowing them to frequent between sitting and lying down without having to move themselves. The backrest of these reclining treatment tables can be adjusted according to the need of the user and hence can help them sit up or lie down easily. The back can go a maximum of 75° thus enabling the user to sit up without actually getting up. These tables are helpful for people who have hip related issues, or suffer from weak upper body extremities.

At Rehab store we recognize your needs and bring to you a wide range of adjustable back treatment tables from top selling brands such as Armedica, Bailey, Hausmann, etc.


Benefits of Adjustable Back Treatment Tables

  • Have an adjustable back rest
  • Allows user to sit up and lie down without having to move themselves
  • Can be adjusted using a simple lever
  • Are sturdy and strong
  • Have a strong brace that supports the backrest
  • Helpful for people with hip and motor disabilities