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What are ostomy supplies?  

Ostomy is a surgical procedure used to create an opening in the body, called a stoma, to expel bodily wastes. The stoma is a pathway from an organ to the outside of the abdomen that may be temporary or permanent. There are three types of ostomies, and these are done in different parts of the body -   

  • Colostomy - Starts in the large intestine. These are not permanent, and to manage this surgery, you need colostomy supplies stocked up.  
  • Urostomy - Stoma created in the belly. Urostomies are permanent and cannot be reversed. 
  • Ileostomy - Starts in the small intestine. Ileostomies are not permanent.  


Ostomy care involves regular ostomy supplies stocked up at all times to live a comfortable and normal life as ostomates. 

What are ostomy care products? 

Ostomy supplies include ostomy pouches, skin barriers, stoma supplies, odor removers, ostomy bag accessories, barrier rings, stoma hats, ostomy powder and paste, ostomy belts, and drainage and irrigation kits. Together, these ostomy care products living easier with an ostomy. 

Types of Ostomy Supplies 

1. Ostomy pouches  

Ostomy pouching systems collect bodily waste from and protect the peristomal skin. The two types of pouching systems are - one-piece ostomy pouch and two-piece ostomy pouch.  

  • One-piece pouches have an ostomy wafer permanently attached to them and are easier for people with arthritis, limited hand strength, upper body dexterity, and poor eyesight. These are ideal for those who want a more discreet pouching system. 
  • Two-piece ostomy pouches have a separate skin barrier which helps in reducing the chances of skin irritation by letting the wearer replace the bag without having to change the barrier. These are more visible under normal clothes. 

2. Ostomy belts 

Pouch support belts help in keeping the ostomy bag in place. These are pre-attached to the wafer and offer optimum abdominal support. Keeping the pouch secure can be difficult if you do not have your hands on the correct ostomy supplies.  

Ostomy belts are not always necessary. However, an ostomy belt may be needed - 


Please note that choosing the correct size when buying ostomy belts is crucial because wearing a belt that is too tight can cause lacerations and pressure ulcers. 

Rehab Store offers ostomy belts manufactured by the leading names of the industry, such as Coloplast, Convatec, and Hollister, to name a few. 

3. Skin Barriers 

Skin barriers include barrier rings, seals, and wafers that help reduce ostomy leaks. These barrier rings fill in the gaps between the wafer and the stoma. The ring must be applied on clean and dry skin and can be placed around the stoma before applying the wafer. 

4. Odor Control Products 

Ostomy odor pose a huge challenge for ostomates. Rehab Store offers odor control ostomy supplies including an odor remover spray, deodorizing spray, chewable tablets, odor remover wipes, and more.  

5. Skin Prep Aids 

Skin prep aids include wet wipes, adhesives, adhesive removers, and other skin protectors. These are useful for people with sensitive or fragile skin. Depending on your personal choice and requirement, you may choose the products that are best for you.  

Skin prep can protect your ostomy bag and help skin heal from irritation, redness, or sores. Skin prep is applied on clean, dry skin. Ensure the area is cleaned with unscented and oil-free products. 

Where to buy Ostomy Supplies? 

With so many ostomy care products to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make a pick. Choose your supplies depending on your own needs and requirements. Rehab Store offers a wide range of medical supplies, including ostomy products suitable for all your ostomy needs.