Hollister Adapt Ostomy Barrier Rings

Hollister Adapt Ostomy Barrier Rings

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  • Latex Free

Hollister Adapt Ostomy Barrier Rings fill in or caulk uneven skin contours near the stoma. They aid in flattening the surface and stop ostomy discharge from penetrating the ostomy barrier. Barrier Rings can be bent, stretched, or layered to assist a pouching system fit better. These rings can be bent to fit the contour of the stoma because to their thinness and flexibility.

Hollister Ostomy Barrier Rings Benefits

  • Sting-free alternative to paste
  • Latex free
  • For individuals with sensitive skin or limited dexterity
  • Convenient during bathing and swimming

Item # Desc Pkg Price
7805 Outer Diameter: 2" (48mm), 4.5 mm Width Each
7805 Outer Diameter: 2" (48mm), 4.5 mm Width 10/Pack
7806 Outer Diameter: 4" (98mm), 2.3 mm Width Each
7806 Outer Diameter: 4" (98mm), 2.3 mm Width 10/Pack

Features of Hollister Adapt Barrier Rings

  • Reduce the chance of leakage by smoothing out the skin's surface and promoting a good fit
  • Ostomy Barrier Rings are made of hydrocolloids to be more erosion-resistant from all forms of stoma outflow
  • Can be rolled, layered, stretched, sliced, or otherwise modified to achieve a snug, comfortable fit
  • When applied to inflamed or injured skin, the absence of alcohol helps to lessen the sting

What to buy with Hollister Barrier Rings

How to apply Adapt Ostomy Barrier Rings?

  1. The skin should be clean and dry before application.
  2. Both barrier ring protective coverings can be removed at the same time or, if desired, one covering can be removed, retaining the opposite covering for easier application.
  3. Mold (mould) and stretch the barrier ring, as required, before applying to the skin barrier. To mold (mould) and stretch the barrier ring, if necessary, make sure both films are removed.
  4. Center (centre) the skin barrier with barrier ring around the stoma. Hold in place for several seconds.
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How to remove Hollister Barrier Rings?

Gently peel away from the skin, working downwards while pressing lightly against the surrounding skin.


  • Reusing a single-use product may create potential risks to the user, such as poor adhesion.
  • Reprocessing, cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization (sterilization) may compromise the product.
  • This may result in odor (odor) or leakage.


  • The product may be cut, stretched, or stacked together to help improve fit of a pouching system.
  • Contact a stoma care nurse or healthcare practitioner for help with the ostomy pouching system or skin irritation.
  • In case of serious injury (incident) in relation to your use of the product, please contact your local distributor or manufacturer, and your local competent authority.

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