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What is a Scoop Plate?

A scoop plate is a plate with a high rim that has been specifically designed to make it easier to scoop food onto a utensil without spilling. These scoop dishes provide a barrier to push the food up against the surface, thereby enabling easy loading of food onto the spoons and forks. These adaptive plates assist individuals with hand and arm weakness to eat independently with dignity. Rehab Store offers a vast selection of scoop dishes from top brands that provide the remedy to all self-feeding challenges.

Who would benefit from Scoop Dishes?

People with disabilities like stroke, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, and other conditions that lead to limited hand strength often find it very hard to manipulate scoops. Scoop bowls are extremely useful for individuals who have trouble scooping or stabilizing their plate or bowl.

Benefits of using Scoop Plates

1. Unique Design

Low front and high back design allow to push food onto eating utensils, and this is especially useful for individuals who only have enough strength to eat with one hand. The low side allows easy access to the food, as it may be hard for some people to dip their hands down into a plate with high edges all the way around. The low side of the scoop plate allows them to begin the scoop easily and finish on the taller back edge.

2. Non-skid base for added stability

The scoop plates feature non-skid feet that grip tabletops and help prevent plates from sliding. Some scoop bowls include a suction cup base that adheres to the surface and keeps the plate from moving for people who cannot hold their plate still with their other hand.

3. Partitioned scoop plates keep the food separate

Partitioned scoop dishes are designed for user convenience and help keep the food items separate. Maddak Eating Partitioned Scoop Dish has three compartments, which make meal prep and portion control easier. Additionally, it allows for easier food storage, while fully-sealing lids allow for easier transportation of meals.

4. Pleasurable dining experience

The unique design of the scoop dish works as yet another safeguard against spillage and keeps food from getting on the table. These adaptive plates are a gift of dignity to those with limited mobility and make mealtime more pleasurable.

5. Self-feeding

The scoop plate with suction base helps promote independent eating for those with reduced hand strength, which enhances their self-esteem and quality of life.

Best-Selling Scoop Bowls at Rehab Store

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  3. Scooper Bowl

Where to buy Scoop Plates online?

Rehab Store carries a wide range of scoop dishes that guide food onto utensils preventing spillage, and are constructed of durable and high-quality material to withstand frequent use. We supply scoop plates with high sides from top-selling manufacturers like North Coast Medical, Maddak, Patterson Medical, etc. Shop now and get great deals on every purchase.