Elbow Pads & Protectors

A variety of protectors and cushions for the elbow and heel. High quality and reliable, these elbow protectors are available in different sizes and colors. Our products are made of comfortable and stretchable fabric which allows the skin to breathe and does not restrict blood flow. You can buy the elbow pads, which protect the joint from impacts and vibrations and ideal for those who work with their elbows resting on a hard surface, or opt for the AM protectors which fight germs and guard against odors.

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How does Elbow Support Work?

Elbow supports are engineered with materials in a specific way that it provides just the right amount of compression when isolating the elbow tendons with movement restriction. This restriction aids in the repair of damaged tissue while keeping it from getting injured again. The forearm strap which is used for prevention in case of reinjury should be worn slightly below the actual site of pain and not over it. Continuous physical therapy is required to gain complete elbow functionality like before. It is recommended to wear an elbow strap during the day for several weeks until the injury is healed. Even after that, there are fair chances of reinjury. There is a range of supports those help in preventing recurrence of the injury.

What Are The Problems Associated With The Elbow?

One of the major problems that occur in an elbow is the distal humerus fracture which can occur inside the bone that connects the upper arm to the elbow. It is a broad bone and a fracture can cause immobility of the elbow. Muscle tears and sprain usually occur in the upper arm biceps, or in the muscles surrounding the ulna and the radius bones. These tears result in swelling and severe pain. Pulling a child’s arm with force causes Pulled Elbow a common condition seen in children. Elbow bursitis is the inflammation of the bursae in the elbow joint. It may cause immobility of the joint causing severe pain. Osteoarthritis is a condition when the cartilage in the elbow is worn out due to excessive use of the elbow. It is also seen in old age groups.

Who Is Affected By These Elbow Problems?

Elbow injuries are very common in sports like baseball, badminton, basketball, etc. where the arm is used a lot. Accidents and major injuries can result in the excessive strain on the elbow which can lead to fracture or muscle tear. From kids to adults and all sports-related personalities face this common injury.

Where to buy Elbow Pads & Protectors online?

Elbow support provides right amount of compression when isolating the elbow tendons with movement restriction. Rehab Store offers a wide range of Elbow Pads and Protectors from top Manufacturers such as Patterson Medical, North Coast Medical, Bsn Medical, Essential Medical, Skil Care Corp. Shop now!