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Elbow Protectors are designed for individuals who have a pre-existing medical condition or injury that affects the elbow joint, such as arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, or elbow fractures. These conditions can cause pain, inflammation, and reduced range of motion in the elbow and may require extra support and protection during physical activity. An Elbow protector provides additional cushioning and support to the affected area, reducing the risk of further injury and promoting healing. It is designed with materials that provide the right amount of compression when isolating the elbow tendons with movement restriction. Immobilizing the elbow supports in repairing damaged tissue while keeping it from getting injured again. There is a wide range of medical elbow pads and protectors that help protect the elbow and aid in preventing the recurrence of injuries.

Who should use Elbow Protectors?

Several conditions can affect the elbow, making it vulnerable to injuries and complications, which might need you to use an elbow protector. They include:

Other conditions include muscle tears and sprains which usually occur in the upper arm biceps or in the muscles surrounding the ulna and the radius bones. These tears result in swelling and severe muscle pain. Pulling a child’s arm with force causes Pulled Elbow, a common condition seen in children.

Features of Medical Elbow Pads

Elbow sleeves with pads are designed to provide a wide range of benefits to the elbow. They are equipped with several features to ensure maximum output. They include:

  • Padding and Protection– One of the main features of elbow protectors, as the name suggests, is protecting the elbow. The sturdy yet comfortable build of the pads and protectors helps ensure that the elbow stays safe from sudden jerks and is less prone to injuries and complications.
  • Immobilization– A few elbow protection pads are equipped with the added feature of immobilization. Immobilization helps in reducing the strain on the elbow and expedites the healing process of the injury or condition.
  • Increased ROM– Using an elbow protector helps in expediting the healing of the elbow, enhancing the muscles and tendons, thus increasing the range of motion of the elbow. The ROM of the elbow can be compromised by a lot of conditions and or an injury hence protecting the elbow to regain the ROM is important for a healthy, functioning elbow.

How to reduce pain and swelling in the Elbow?

  • Rest your elbow and avoid lifting anything with your arm and elbow.
  • Use cold therapy for your elbow for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, 3 to 4 times a day.
  • Compress the area by wearing an elbow sleeve.
  • Elevate your elbow by raising it above the level of your heart. You can prop it up with pillows.

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Where to buy Elbow Protectors online?

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