Patient Wear

Patient Wear are designed to be comfortable, medically accurate, and safe for the patient body. They are used to fulfill a variety of clothing requirements of the patients. It is imperative to wear comfortable clothes while recovering from a surgery. Adding to the comfort, the fabric should be hygienic to prevent any kind of contamination. Patient wear fulfills all these purposes and provides different types of medical clothing for patients suffering from different conditions. At Rehab store, we offer medical clothing for patients from top-selling brands like Medline, Cool-Jams, Essential Medical, etc.

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Different Types of Patient Wear

  • Shorts and Boxers: Shorts and boxers are designed with unique moisture wicking technology that wicks moisture and keeps the user cool, dry, and comfortable. Their hygienic fiber helps eliminate the bacteria that causes foul odor. 
  • Patient Gowns: Patient gowns are made from high quality cotton/poly fabric that makes them durable, comfortable, and washable. They usually have hook-and-loop closures for easy accessibility. 
  • Patient Robes: Patient robes are a good alternative to patient gowns when a quick cover-up is required for the patients. They usually have an attached side tie. 
  • Mammography Capes or Gowns: Mammography capes and gowns need not be removed before mammography. They add to the convenience of both the doctors and the patients. They are usually used in mammography centers, women centers, and hospitals.

Where to buy Patient Wear products online?

At Rehab store Know your requirements, match them with the patient wear types and shop the one that seems most beneficial to you. Rehab store offers a wide assortment of different types of patient wear from various top-selling brands like Medline, Cool-Jams, Essential Medical, etc. Browse our extensive range to select the Product that best suits your needs.