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Physical therapy modalities provide calmness & relief to muscles for effectual healing. Find your professional physical therapy aids, paraffin oils, heel warmers, cold and hot packs, wraps, and pads for muscle spasms, shoulder and neck pain. Professional physical therapy includes the products that help in relieving pain, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and muscle spasm, and assist in delivering medication.

Rehab Store offers a huge variety of modalities from top manufacturers like Amrita Aromatherapy Inc., Mckesson, Chattanooga Group, Vive Health, Enovis, and many others.

Benefits of physical therapy modalities

Healing modalities can provide relief and comfort to many medical conditions. Modalities are often used post-surgery to relieve the after-effects of the surgery. Here are some of the benefits of physical therapy modalities-

  • Healing modalities alleviate mild to chronic pain
  • Medical modalities help in restoring the range of motion
  • Hand therapy tools help in recovering from an injury
  • These treatment modalities are used for lung and heart diseases
  • Physical therapy exercises effectively work in weakness caused by illness or aging
  • Physical therapy exercises help in relieving diabetes

Different Types of Physical Therapies

1. Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy uses different forms of electrical current through surface electrodes that cause muscles to contract and relax. Electropathy provides relief from muscle spasm, pain and swelling and helps in restoring full neutral function to muscle and muscle strength.

2. Hydrotherapy

Hydrocollator produces much deeper heat than a dry heating pad causes Increases in circulation and reduces swelling. These treatment modalities relax muscles/soft tissue and prepare tissues for other treatments.

3. Cold Therapy

Cold therapy uses ice packs or cooling vests for acute injury and for pain relief (acute or chronic). Cold therapy helps in reducing swelling, inflammation and muscles spasm.

4. Paraffin Therapy

In Paraffin Therapy a form of heat is usually applied to feet or hands using paraffin wax and mineral oil, to the area where other applications of heat are difficult to apply.

Buying guide for physical therapy equipment

  1. Types of physical therapy – Healing modalities include various types of physical therapy like hot & cold packs, CPM devices, massages, magnetic therapy, light therapy, aquatic therapy, and many others. All these modalities are required a different kind of therapy and treatment.
  2. Operation of therapeutic modalities – Modalities are used by multiple operational methods, either operated by the power supply, battery operated, or normal use. You may need to figure out what kind of physical therapy equipment is required for physical therapy at home.

Where to buy modalities products online?

Treatment modalities are physical therapy tools that help patients in healing and speedy recovery from surgery. Rehab store provides an exclusive range of modalities from top manufacturers like Techniche International, Breg Incorporated, Oakworks Inc., Polar Products Inc. etc. Shop now to avail great offers!