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Products that induce calm and quiet within through effectual healing. Find your therapy aids, paraffin oils, heel warmers, cold and hot packs, wraps and pads for muscle spasms, shoulder and neck pain. A stunning range of calming essential oils from Amrita Aromatherapy. Also available massage cushions and creams, massage balls, deodorizers, insulation garments and body cooling fashion vests.
Modalities includes the products that prompt calm and quiet within through effectual healing and helps in relieving pain, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and muscle spasm, and assist in delivering medication. Types of modalities include, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, hot/cold therapy,paraffin therapy, magnetic therapy, light therapy.
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Electrotherapy uses different forms of electrical current through surface electrodes that cause muscles to contract and relax. It provides relief from muscle spasm, pain and swelling and helps in restoring full neutral function to muscle and muscle strength.


Hydrocollator produces much deeper heat than a dry heating pad causes Increases in circulation and reduces swelling. It relaxes muscles/soft tissue and prepares tissues for other treatments.

Cold/Ice therapy

Cold therapy uses ice packs or cooling vests for acute injury and for pain relief (acute or chronic) helps in reducing swelling, inflammation and muscles spasm.

Paraffin Therapy

In Paraffin Therapy a form of heat usually applied to feets or hands using paraffin wax and mineral oil where other applications of heat are difficult to apply.

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