Rehabilitation Therapies

Occupational therapy is used to help people with physical disabilities adapt to daily activities with ease. People who suffer from injuries & physical disorders face a lot of difficulty in executing daily chores. OT helps in adapting the lifestyle to the condition, by using different movements, techniques & use of daily aids.

Physical therapy is used to give care & assistance to individuals who suffer from physical disabilities that require adapting to daily life activities, help functioning, moving around, and living in a safe & healthy way. One of the oldest forms of rehab, physical therapy is one of the simplest ways to relieve discomfort & pain.

Speech therapy is used to help individuals assess, manage, and treat speech disorders. A wide range of therapies, activities, and assistive aids are used to improve speech and communication by enhancing the speech system or amplifying the voice of the individual to make sure communication is achieved easily and independently.

Balance therapy is the care given to individuals who suffer from balance problems such vertigo, improper gait, and improper posture. Dizziness, difficulty in taking steps while walking, lightheadedness, and unsteady posture are the common disorders classified under balance problems. It involves use of balance training products.

Cognitive therapy or CRT is designed to enhance the cognitive functioning of the brain. A wide range of disorders and injuries can affect the cognitive functions which lead to a various effects on the daily life of the individual. CRT helps in coping with these effects by rehabilitation or aiding in various daily activities.

Aquatic therapy has been described as a modern day innovation in practicing physical therapy which enhances a person’s overall body health. A safe & healthy alternative to land based physical therapy, AT or hydrotherapy involves soothing & calming effects of water combined with resistance and oxygen training underwater therapy.

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Our human body contains trillions of cells, each of them serving a unique purpose. And, as with all complex machines, our body breaks down sometimes of its own accord or due to external stimuli. When that happens - the road to recovery can be difficult. It is a slow and painful process, disheartening at times. This is when you gather up courage, have faith in yourself and your ability to overcome the challenges. Along with a strong will power, you need products to restore strength, support and help with the rehabilitation. Today there are so many product solutions for different types of rehabilitation needs. When you integrate these amazing products that have proven success, along with sound professional advice, recovery is in your reach!

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