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Rehab Store brings you spica splints for the thumb from Patterson Medical and 3-Point Products. These products provide a barrier against trauma, keep the thumb in abduction position and give support to the CMC and MCP joints. They also protect the thumb from further injury and help reduce pain and inflammation due to tendonitis. They are available in different types of fabric which is soft and flexible. These thumb spica splints come in various sizes and with specifications to match.

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What is a Thumb Spica Splint?

A thumb spica splint is designed primarily to immobilize the thumb or wrist without inhibiting the movement of the hand or other fingers. So, one can use their hand to perform activities of daily living while wearing the splint. The main purpose of the splint is to provide support and comfort to the injured thumb. Immobilizing the thumb joint reduces pain and helps the injury to heal faster.

The thumb spica splint is used to secure nonemergency injuries until they are evaluated by an expert consultant such as an orthopedic surgeon or hand surgeon. Additionally, they are used to temporarily immobilize the thumb before surgery. Furthermore, it is used postoperatively or after removing the hand or thumb cast.

When is Thumb Spica Brace used?

Doctors may recommend thumb spica splint in following cases:

  • Thumb metacarpal fracture 
  • Scaphoid and lunate fractures 
  • Thumb ulnar collateral ligament injuries 
  • Wrist tendonitis 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome 
  • Gamekeeper’s thumb 
  • Post-surgery 
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Skier’s thumb 
  • De Quervain’s tenosynovitis

Contraindications for Thumb Splint

  • Open wounds and infected areas 
  • Complicated fractures requiring immediate treatment 
  • Injuries with associated neurovascular problems

Benefits of Trigger Thumb Splint

  • Immobilizes the thumb 
  • Allows the hand and finger movement 
  • Stabilizes the thumb joint 
  • Supports and protects the thumb during activities

Thumb Splint For Arthritis

In thumb arthritis, the cartilage present at the base of the thumb ruptures due to overuse or wear and tear, leading to pain and loss of function. Similar to any type of arthritis, early treatment includes a lifestyle shift and change in activities. Apart from that, taking anti-inflammatory pain relief tablets and resting the thumb help ease the arthritis pain. Many medical practitioners suggest a thumb splint for arthritis to rest the thumb joint and restrict the movement of the thumb.

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