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Medical supplies are a must for a patient's speedy recovery and health. Now get all your medical supplies in one place. Rehab Store offers a vast health products catalog for all your medical needs. Choose from an extensive range of home medical supplies from leading names of the industry such as Medline Industries, Mckesson, Coloplast, Bard Inc., 3M, Cardinal Health, and Hollister Incorporated at affordable prices. Our catalog of medical devices and health products address wound care, ostomy care, urinary and bowel incontinence, and respiratory ailments. 

Where can I buy affordable medical supplies? 

Find a variety of discounted medical supplies at Rehab Store. We offer -  

1. Incontinence Products

To help incontinent people live a comfortable and dignified social life, Rehab Store offers -    

  • Adult Diapers 
  • Washcloths and Wet Wipes 
  • Incontinence Under Pads 

2. Ostomy Supplies

Choose your supplies as per your needs and requirements. Rehab Store offers a wide range of ostomy products such as -     

  • Ostomy Pouch 
  • Ostomy Rings and Skin Barriers 
  • Odor Removers 
  • Ostomy Belts 

3. Respiratory Therapy Supplies

Respiratory Ailments can perturb the quality of life and restrict a person. We, at Rehab Store, offer quality respiratory and breathing device for a healthy and active lifestyle. We offer supplies like -  

  • Nebulizers 
  • Oxygen Cannulas 
  • Oxygen Tubing and Supplies 

4. Wound Care Supplies

Wound care products come in various ranges and offer different purposes. Rehab Store carries many of these supplies to promote wound healing, including - 

  • Wound Dressings 
  • Wound Cleansers 
  • Abdominal Pads 
  • Medical Tapes 

5. Catheter Supplies

Pick from a gamut of different urinary catheter aids from top manufacturers such as Bard, Coloplast, Covidien, and Hollister. These products are -  

  • Catheters 
  • Lubricants 
  • Penile Clamps 
  • Gloves 

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