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The cervical spine (neck region) is the uppermost portion of the spinal column. The neck is a complex structure of bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, tendons, and ligaments. The neck connects the head to the torso and allows for movement.  

Due to its location and large range of motion, the neck is often susceptible to injuries. Injuries or abnormalities in the neck structures can cause pain, swelling, stiffness, and reduced range of motion. Often neck pain is relieved with conservative treatment and the right use of neck supports. 

What is Neck Support used for? 

The neck supports encompass a wide range of products, such as neck traction devices, neck braces, and neck pillows. These neck pain relief products are ergonomically designed to support and stabilize the neck, relieve pain, and promote proper posture. Neck supports are not only for alleviating neck conditions and encouraging correct posture, but they are also essential for supporting overall spine health. 

Rehab Store offers a wide range of high-quality neck braces to support your neck and head while recovering from injury, surgery, or a medical condition. We have cervical collars, cervical pillows, and cervical traction of different styles for your specific needs from top brands like Rolyan, Procare, FLA, and more. 

What conditions may require a Neck Support Brace? 

Neck pain is quite common. Sitting in incorrect posture, long working hours on the computer, and sleeping in an awkward position can cause pain and stiffness. Besides, injuries, age-related disorders, and inflammatory diseases also contribute to neck pain. Causes of neck pain and neck conditions include the following: 

  • Neck injury (damage to the neck muscles, tendons, and ligaments) 
  • Arthritis of the neck 
  • Cervical degenerative disc disease  
  • Cervical herniated disc  
  • Congenital abnormalities of the vertebrae  
  • Tumors 
  • Pinched nerve 
  • Whiplash injuries  
  • Spondylosis  
  • Cervical radiculopathy  
  • Poor posture  
  • Cervical stenosis  
  • Muscle strain 

Neck Pain Relief Products at Rehab Store 

1. Cervical Collar  

A neck collar, also known as a neck brace or a C collar, is designed to support your spinal cord and head. The cervical collar is worn around the neck to help immobilize the cervical spine and limit the head and neck movements following an injury or surgery. 

A cervical collar is also used to relieve some instances of neck pain. Choose from a wide variety of neck collars available at the Rehab Store depending on your neck injury type or the underlying cause of your neck pain. 

2. Core Universal Foam Collar 

It is a soft cervical collar that helps maintain the head in a neutral position and serves as a reminder to restrict head and neck motion. 

3. Cervical Traction  

Cervical traction is a popular non-invasive treatment of neck pain, and this method has been around for many years. The cervical traction device gently stretches or pulls the head away from the neck to create a space between the vertebrae that helps relieve compression and allows the muscles to relax. 

We carry various neck traction devices to treat different types and causes of neck pain, tightness, and tension. Neck traction helps relax the muscles, significantly relieving pain and stiffness while increasing flexibility. The neck stretcher is an excellent tool to alleviate pain from pinched nerves, cervical radiculopathy, herniated disks, cervical spondylosis, etc. 

Try the ComforTrac Home Traction Device, which has been carefully engineered to treat the musculoskeletal and neurological impairment of the cervical spine. 

4. Neck Support Pillow  

The cervical pillow is ergonomically designed to support the cervical area, help the neck maintain a natural arch, and correct a person’s posture while sleeping. The neck support pillow creates a natural resting position for the head, which relieves neck tension and enhances relaxation, significantly improving sleep quality. 

5 Top Reviewed Neck Support Products

Where to buy Cervical Neck Supports online? 

Rehab Store brings the best neck support aids, like neck stretchers, neck collars, and neck support pillows from top manufacturers such as Core Products, Performance Health, Ossur/Royce Medical, etc., at the best prices. Place your order today! 

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