Aspen Vista Cervical Collar

Aspen Vista Cervical Collar

  • FSA Approved

Aspen Vista Cervical Collar improves patient care while saving time, money and storage space. With its innovative height adjustment technology, the Vista is really six collars in one. It provides safe and effective motion restriction. Cervical collar reduces storage and inventory costs, while improving patient care.

Benefits of Vista Cervical Collar

  • Pressure Reducing Pad
  • Maximum Skin Care and Comfort
  • Unique Dual-Density Foam
  • Extended Back Panel Height
  • Effective Motion Restriction
  • Open design promotes airflow for ventilation without sacrificing support.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
984000 Vista Collar Each
100072-000 Vista Collar Set with Extra Replacement Pads Each

Aspen Vista Cervical Collar Features

  • Aspen Vista Cervical Collar Reduces Inventory:
    Vista collar is a six-sizes-in-one collar, eliminating multiple SKUs and the cost of storing multiple sizes
  • One size-fits-all eliminates the need for sizing methods of any kind. The innovative design on the Vista allows the practitioner to simply apply the collar and then adjust to the proper height
  • Improved Skin Care:
    Patented design of the Vista disperses pressure, reducing the possibility of skin breakdown
  • Dial Height Adjustment:
    • Getting the correct size for the patient is easy using the Vista Dial Height Adjustment System
    • Simply pull and turn the dial to select one of six Vista height settings
  • Automatic Lock:
    Once the correct height has been determined, releasing the dial automatically locks the size
  • Maximum Skin Care and Comfort:
    • Promote quality skin care without sacrificing comfort and motion restriction
    • Vista ICU Back Panel is designed specifically for patients at risk of occipital breakdown due to extended periods lying supine
  • Pressure Reducing Pad:
    • Vista ICU Back Panel is designed to disperse pressure, reducing the possibility of skin breakdown
    • Proven Aspen Pads1,2 complete the system by wicking moisture away from the skin

Aspen Vista Cervical Collar User Manual
Vista Cervical Collar Instruction Manual
Aspen Cervical Collar Patient Handbook

What to buy with Aspen Cervical Collar?

How to Apply Vista Cervical Collar?

  • Preparation:
    • Pre-form the back ends of the side panels so they are slightly curved.
    • With the head in neutral alignment, press the back panel down onto the bed and slide it behind the patients neck.
    • Velcro straps should be between the patients ear and the trapezius.
  • Placement:
    • Front panel should be at the lowest setting to begin. While pulling the sides of the front panel apart, position the bottom of the tracheal aperture at the sternal notch.
    • Position the sides up and over the trapezius muscles.
    • It is fine if the chin piece is not touching the chin.
  • Sizing:
    • While holding the collar against the chest, pull out the dial to unlock.
    • Turn the dial clockwise to raise chin piece. When the chin piece is supporting the chin, release the dial and it will self-lock.
  • Tightening:
    • While holding the front panel in place, attach the loop strap on each side.
    • To tighten, anchor your fingers in on the collar and peel back the loop strap on one side, tighten and reattach.
    • Tighten the other side equally and repeat as needed to ensure a snug, symmetrical fit.
    • Check to see that the back of the chin piece is not pressing inward on the throat. If it is, lift the back ends of the side panels up and off the trapezius muscles.
  • Safety:
    • Patients chin should be close to the front of the chin piece but the back of the chin piece should not press on the patients throat.
    • All slack between the front and back panels must be removed to ensure a secure fit.
    • Patient often changes position, so it may be desirable to readjust the height and the back panel straps.

How to remove Aspen Thoracic Extension?

  • Stand or sit in front of a sink with a mirror. Release the strap on one side. Remove the collar and set it aside.
  • Keep your head and neck straight and still. Use a wash cloth to clean your face and neck.
  • Rinse away soap and gently dry your skin.
  • Remove moist and/or dirty pads. If needed, clean and towel dry the plastic and straps. Attach the clean pads.
  • Place the front of the collar so your chin comes to the front edge of the chin piece.
  • Place the back panel behind your neck.
  • Connect the straps on both sides and tighten
  • Tighten the Support Strap until secure and comfortable

Pad Cleaning

Hand wash the pads with soap and water. Rinse out all soap. Gently squeeze out excess water. Allow to air dry (6 to 8 hours). Do not place pads in a washer or dryer.

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