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Medical Bed for Home At Rehab Store

Medical beds or hospital beds, apart from hospital, are widely used in homes and care homes for elderly people. They are considered one of the most popular patient care products with a plethora of features in their name. Such beds are different than the usual ones as they are specifically fashioned to meet the needs of patients. At HPFY you will find different kinds of at home hospital bed and other accessories at best prices, you can explore our wide collection of medical beds for home from top brands like Invacare Corporation, Drive Medical, and Medline Industries.

Types of Hospital Beds

Bed-bound patients and individuals with limited mobility find normal beds uncomfortable, for them different types of hospital beds are manufactured. Additionally, there are very many bed accessories available at HPFY, like mattress for hospital type bed and bed boards.

Manual Hospital Beds

As the name suggests, these are manually operated beds. To operate a manual medical bed, use the cranks positioned at the foot of the bed. Since they are not dependent on electrical current, they are simpler to use and the chances of motor failure are also reduced. Subsequently, they are extremely cost-efficient and easy to maintain.


The Humane Restraint Duramax Bedrestrains the movement in a humanely manner. It is designed to aid patient’s comfort while successfully withholding the aggressive movements of a person. Similarly, the Invacare IVC Manual Homecare Bed combines effortless positioning of the upper body and knees with the economy of manual bed height adjustment. High-impact bed end panels are stronger than fiberboard and have a better impact and are scratch resistance.


Manual hospital beds are best suitable for those having a caregiver to assist them. For those who do not have a caregiver for help can opt for an electrical bed.

Side Rails/Mattress Choice for Manual Hospital Beds

  • Side rails are an important feature of all hospital beds and provide enhanced patient safety from risk of fall. You can customize the railings and hospital bed mattress options for your manual bed. 

  • Railing options include half-length, full-length and four piece half-length railings. Half-length extends from the head area to the waist with no railing at the foot. 

  • Full-length railing ensures there is no gap and extends from head to foot on either side of the bed. The four piece half-length railing involves four shorter rails on both sides with a gap around the waist area. 

  • Mattress options include foam, innerspring or therapeutic support mattress, for example air-loss therapy.

Semi Electric Hospital Beds

Built with a single or dual motor, these beds offer more features than a manual bed making life easier for caregivers. Movement of the head and foot sections can be controlled electronically but for the bed height, manual and electric options are available. Semi electric hospital beds are generally larger than conventional beds, lighter than full electric beds and can still be used for heavy-duty persons, with weight capacity up to 450 lbs. Suitable for taller and larger patients.

Side Rails/Mattress Choice for Semi Electric Hospital Beds

  • Safety rail options include half-length or full-length. 

  • Mattress options are innerspring, foam, therapeutic support mattresses like alternating pressure, gel, air or pressure relief mattress. 

  • In the Lumex Patriot Bed, which is a semi electric bed from Graham-Field, the head and foot sections can be raised or lowered simultaneously or independently with one hand control. In case of a power failure, the motor unit lowers both sections with just a single standard 9-volt battery. 

  • The Single Crank Bed from Drive Medical has manual height adjustment while the foot and head sections are electronically controlled. It has heavy-duty reinforced frame that holds up twisting and bending.

Fully Electric Hospital Beds

These are sturdy and have electronically-controlled head, foot and height adjustments. Allow for anatomically correct sleep posture with touch of a button. Latest full electric hospital beds are lightweight in design with the Lumex Patriot Bed weighing only 178 lbs.

Side Rails/Mattress Choice for Full Electric Hospital Beds

  • Safety rail options include semi-length or full-length rails which are removable. 

  • Mattress choice will depend on the user – his body type, his condition, allergies if any, and duration of usage. You can select from innerspring mattress , memory foam, therapeutic foam, fiber-fill, air mattress, pressure relief, etc.

Bariatric Beds

These are heavy-duty beds with weight capacity going up to 1200 pounds. Bariatric hospital beds are also extra wide to accommodate large patients with a width going above 52 inches and length 88 inches. The ITA-MED Bariatric Fully Electric Heavy Duty Beds are designed with the bariatric patient in mind, the bed frame extends to the edges of the bed deck for better support than most other split-spring bariatric beds. The hand pendant features dynamic client positioning, allowing the consumer or caregiver to change the positioning of the head and foot sections as well as the bed height.


The Drive Medical’s Bariatric Bed is full electric and has a width of 54” with length of 88”. It features all-steel construction with a heavy-duty frame and has hand control that provides multiple bed positioning.

Low Hospital Beds

Low beds are ideal for those who are elderly and fragile and at risk of fall. They are simple in design and made with the frame close to the floor. Made of metal, wood or composite board, low hospital bed frames can accommodate both the box spring and mattress or just a mattress. 


The Medline Alterra 1385 Hi-Low Full Electric Bed provides exceptionally smooth and quiet operation due to its amazingly constructed parallel electronic system. The perfectly synchronized high-low motors ensure that the bed deck remains level even after frequent motion and long term use. With a weight capacity of 500 pounds, the bed also features unique grid/rib deck that prevents the structure from sagging and ensures full safety of the patient.

How to Choose the Best Hospital Bed?

When buying your hospital bed there are certain factors to keep in mind. 


  • Age of the patient: Buying a hospital bed largely depends on the age of the patient. The bed must be comfortable enough for the patient to sleep in.
  • Health Condition: If the patient suffers from severe backpain or any spinal injury, it can be difficult to find a bed that does not aggravate their condition.
  • Cost efficiency: When it comes to patient safety and comfort, one should not go for the cheaper options. Good quality medical beds can be expensive but they are durable and worth your money.
  • Features: Medical beds have plenty of features and are considered crucial in keeping the patient comfortable and ensure sound sleep. Investing in a good quality hospital bed is akways a good idea.
  • Size: Keeping in mind the accurate size and shape of the medical bed is prerequisitive for purchasing the best medical beds online. You can measure your previous bed and then explore different options on HPFY and pick the best one for you.
  • Mode of Operation: Whether the bed you are going to purchase will be manual, electric or semi-electric, largely depends on who will operate it- the patient or the caregiver.


Note- Choosing a mattress will depend on the general health condition of the patient because those who are bed-bound may require a therapeutic mattress. Our mattresses are designed for different body type, sizes and conditions. They are specially developed to prevent pressure ulcers, provide pain relief, etc. Side rails choice will also depend on the patient and the level of safety he/she needs.