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Hospital supplies are an umbrella term that refers to all the equipment and tools used by hospitals to administer the right kind of treatment and rehabilitation to the patients. The major chunk of hospital supplies includes one of the foremost precautionary methods in the medical fields, infection control. Infections are widespread in all forms and the last place you want to see infected, is a medical center. This is why, hospital items and equipment are made to be highly disinfected or anti-infection in nature. Infection control ensures all the items such as masks, gloves, containers, knives, needles, carts, etc are infection free. These items are also used to prevent any infection from affecting the patient. Lotions, gels, and sprays are also an important part of infection control.


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  • Disinfectants - Special formulated solutions, disinfectants are used in different forms such as sprays, liquids, gels, pads, etc. for the common aim of disinfecting a spot, item, or area. Disinfectants work by eliminating the microbes in the air and also restricting the conditions that might be conducive to microbial growth.
  • Single Patient Use - Hygiene and safety is necessary at all times, therefore, using sterile, disposable equipment such as tweezers, scalpels, occluding clamps, and scissors is crucial. These are disposable and thus can only be used on one patient only to keep infections at bay.
  • Exam Gloves- Gloves are the safest method to prevent pathogens from the caregiver infecting the patient and vice versa. They come in lubricated and non-lubricated options and can also be reused in some cases. Latex free options are also available for those with latex allergies
  • Eye Protection- Microbes that travel through air can easily affect the eye. Hence wearing eye protection is an important part of controlling infection. Wearing appropriate eye-gear ensures safety
  • Glove Box Storage- They are majorly used to store new gloves so that a pair of gloves are always handy when needed. They can be used to store used gloves and prevent any kind of contamination
  • Lab Safety- Lab safety is a small umbrella term that includes lab coats, shoe covers, eye gear, etc. All of these are important elements used by caregivers and medical professional to avoid any kind of contamination or infection while treating a patient
  • Hand Hygiene- Medical science has proven that more than thousands of microbes live on a human hand that is considered clean. Washing hands before administering any kind of treatment or rehab is considered a must. It prevents the spread of infections among loved ones and peers. Hand hygiene includes the use of lotions and creams that immediately kill the bad microbes that live on our hands
  • Personal Protective Equipment- This includes the use of masks, head covers, eye gear, nose and ear plugs, etc. These things prevent infections from spreading to the patient or the caregiver
  • Medical Waste Disposal and Containers - They are an important part of treatment as they help in storing the waste generated from the treatment which might be hazardous if thrown away carelessly. They are air tight and secure enough to avoid any kind of leak


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