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Adaptive utensils for dining assist individuals with less mobility who have difficulty eating or drinking with regular dining sets. These utensils are for those with hand tremors who find it difficult to carry out normal activities. 

Weight utensil set offers easy holding, gripping, drinking, and eating assistance and are designed to accommodate the special needs of individuals with physical disabilities to dine without dropping the food or getting the food off the plate.  

Adapted utensils help stabilize the hands while dining for people with Parkinson's Disease, cerebral palsy, arthritis, and other conditions who struggle with small motor skills and easy hand-to-mouth feeding.  

Utensils, cups and drinking aids, plates and bowls, feeders and arm supports, kitchen supplies, overbed tables, and many dining accessories are made with special grips, the ability to bend, greater stability, or curved shape, making the process of eating and drinking easy. 

Benefits of Adaptive eating equipment  

  • Caregivers can save their productive time by investing in adaptive eating utensils for adults.  
  • Adaptive eating utensils are offered for dining with dignity to people with special needs and allow independent feeding. 
  • Feeding utensils for special needs help prevent injuries and ensure the safety of adults dealing with health conditions. 
  • Spill proof cups enhance drinking ability and resist accidental spilling which allow confidence in adults with drinking difficulties

Need for Adaptive Utensils? 

Adaptive utensils can benefit people with weakness, frailty, tremors, or reduced mobility. Users commonly have conditions such as: 

Types of Adaptive Utensil 

Rehab Store helps to choose the right feeding utensils for special needs. Here are some of the most popular adaptive utensils and accessories: 

  1. Drinking cups for elderly : Elderly drinking cups help individuals manage safe and efficient drinking while preventing accidental spills. People with limited grasp and range of movement and those who have swallowing issues like dysphagia or reduced upper limb strength face difficulty while drinking with regular cups. To promote independence and dignity to older people, Rehab Store offers an extensive collection of adaptive equipment for drinking like spillproof cups, straws, drinking cups, adult sippy cups, etc. that are easy to pick up, hold and drink. 
  2. Plates with high sides and adaptive bowls: Adaptive plates and bowls help retain food on the plate and prevent food from spilling while eating. Rehab Store brings plate guards, scooper dishes, and bowls, there are partitioned plates, round-up plates, and inner plates. We also provide suction cup plates and bowls, which stick to the dining surface and keep everything firmly in place for maximum stability. 
  3. Adaptive eating utensils : People with physical ailments can regain their independence of feeding with the help of adaptive eating equipment, including weighted utensils, bended utensils, swivel spoons, grip utensils, and more. 
  4. Adaptive cooking equipment : these utensils are designed to assist people with limited hand mobility to ease the cooking process in the kitchen. Adaptive kitchen equipment like jar openers, one-handed cutting boards, and pan and bowl holders offer freedom of cooking alone. 

Where to buy the eating utensils set? 

At Rehab Store, we bring a wide range of adaptive utensils from leading manufacturers, including Patterson Medical/Performance Health, North Coast Medical, who are willing to promote dignity and liberty in individuals with limited mobility. Place your order with us today.