Bedside Bathing


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Bedside Bathing is a must for individuals who are restricted to the bed and cannot go to the bathrooms to take a bath. Now the question arises that how to bathe a bedridden person? The answer to this question is our wide assortment of bedside bathing products. You can see a variety of bedside bathing supplies from top-selling brands like Maddak, EZ-Access, Mabis DMI Healthcare, etc.

How do Bedside Bathing Products Help?

  • These bathing aids make it easier for caregivers to give a quick and effective bath to their patients or loved ones.
  • They help in maintaining daily hygiene without causing any discomfort to the patients.
  • Bedside bathing products usually include inflatable bathtubs, hair washing trays, and hanging bedside showers.
  • Their ease of use not only helps the caregivers, but also makes bathing convenient for the patients.
  • Inflatable bathtubs are filled with air to cushion the neck of the patients and provide a large basin or sink to shampoo their hair in a lying position.
  • Many of them even come with built-in pillows for the head to rest. When in the seated position, hair washing trays become a preferable option for bathing bedridden patients.
  • They mount from the shoulder of the patient into the sink and provide a platform to wash the hair.
  • Hanging bedside showers provide water to rinse the hair while giving in-bed shampoos. Choose the one that best suits your requirements!

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