EZ-Access EZ-BATHE Inflatable Bathtub With Accessories

EZ-Access EZ-BATHE Inflatable Bathtub With Accessories

Brand/Manufacturer: EZ-ACCESS
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EZ Bathe Inflatable Bathtub allows patients to enjoy a bath or shower without leaving their bed. The reinforced tub is longer and deeper with its new streamlined design. The patient rolls onto the vinyl tub, which is then inflated around them using the included wet-dry vacuum. EZ bathtub Fits all beds.

What does EZ-BATHE Inflatable Bathtub include?

  • Durable wet and dry vacuum to inflate or deflate the tub
  • Drain hose
  • Hand-held shower


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B1000 Inflatable Bathtub Each

Features of EZ Bathe Blow Up Bathtub by EZ Access

  • EZ Bathtub helps prevent splashes and spills
  • This Bedside Bathing Tub easily accommodates individuals up to 6' 2"
  • A 25' hose with a hand-held shower head connects to a tap up to 25' away
  • They help in maintaining daily hygiene without causing any discomfort to the patients
  • Inflatable bathtubs are filled with air to cushion the neck of the patients and provide a large basin or sink to shampoo their hair in a lying position
  • For convenience, a two-gallon wet/dry vacuum is included for inflating and deflating

Parts of the Inflatable Shower Basin

  • A.  Inflated Pillow
  • B.  25-FT drain hose with blue perfect union & yellow on/off valve
  • C.  25-FT Shower hose, Hand-held shower, and Faucet Adapter
  • D.  Water drain
  • E.  Inflating/Deflating valve
  • F.  Infalted basin
Inflatable Shower basin

What to buy with EZ Bathe Inflatable Tub

How to use EZ Access Inflatable Bathtub with Accessories?

How to inflate and deflate EZ-Bathe Body Washing Basin?

  • Inflates the EZ Bathtub and pillow using the exhaust port with the end of the hose. The end of the hose is slightly larger to assist in avoiding overinflation of the Bed bath (which may cause seams to split, making the Shower Basin unusable).
    • Note: The vacuum hose does not go inside the inflating/deflating valve . Hold the end of the hose over the valve while inflating/deflating your EZ-Bathe. The hose should be held snug against Basin while squeezing the valve to allow airflow. Fill with air until Basin is firm but do not over-inflate.
  • Deflates the EZ-bathtub and pillow in the same manner as inflating, using the opposite Suction Port.
  • Vacuum up surplus water and debris using the Suction Port and Gulper Attachment.

How to install The Faucet Adapter?

Remove the existing aerator from your faucet and determine whether the threads are male or female.

  1. If your aerator has threads on the outside you will need to use one of the male thread adapters (found in enclosed hardware bag).
    • Match the thread diameter of your aerator to one of the male thread adapters. (The thread size on the Faucet Adapter is 15/16-27 female and the enclosed male thread adapters are sizes 55/64-27 and 13/16–27. If neither male adapter fits your faucet, check your local hardware store for additional sizes.)
    • Screw the correct size male adapter into the top of the Faucet Adapter. Place the correct size black washer (located in hardware bag) on the male adapter before screwing onto faucet. Hand tight is usually sufficient but pliers are sometimes needed.
    • If your aerator has female (inside) threads, screw the faucet adapter onto your faucet just as you received it.
  2. After attaching Faucet Adapter, turn the water on and check for leaks. Note: The Hand-Held Shower Head contains a safety feature that, even in the “OFF” position, may enable it to dribble a small amount of water. Make sure the ON/OFF LEVER is in the down (“OFF”) position before turning on the water. If water leaks from the top of the faucet adapter you will need to add an additional washer (located in enclosed hardware bag).

How to attach hose to quick connect?

To make Installation quick and easy (and to eliminate the use of tools), push-in Hose fittings are located on the hand-held shower and on the faucet Adapter.

  1. Determine correct hose length needed.
    • The hose can be cut to any length that is most convenient for Your use. Note: cut hose as squarely as possible.
  2. Insert one end of shower hose into push-in hose fitting located on The faucet adapter by simply pushing the end of the hose past the Hose release ring and into the quick connect hose fitting. Push and hold the hose release ring until friction is Felt as the tube slides past the o-ring. Note: using a slight twisting Motion while inserting the tube is often helpful.
  3. Insert remaining end of shower hose into hose quick connect Located on the hand-held shower

Instruction Manual of EZ-Access EZ-BATHE Inflatable Bathtub

Things to remember while using EZ-Bathe Inflatable Body Washing Basin

  • Do not leave the patient unattended while using the EZ-Bathe.
  • Thoroughly cleansed and dried bed bath after using.
  • EZ bathe inflatable tub should be at room temperature before placing it under the patient.
  • Do not use electrical appliances in or around the inflatable shower basin while a patient is in Basin and wet.

How to clean and store Portable Bathtub for Adults?

  • EZ-bathe Inflatable Bath System and pillow are easily cleansed and stored. Before removing patient from the Basin, quickly wipe-up any surplus dampness with a towel.
  • Product is made of PVC and contains an anti-microbial agent. While inflated, hand wash using warm water and mild soap. Rinse, drain, and wipe out excess water. Leave unit inflated for several hours after use/cleaning to allow thorough air drying before deflating, folding, or storing.


  • If you have concerns about allergies or how the recommended cleaning solution may affect your health, please consult with your physician or other healthcare professional before using so he/she can recommend alternatives or, product can be disposed of after each use.
  • Please contact your dealer if you have any questions regarding the use of your EZ-BATHE.
  • Note: A patch kit has been included in case of accidental puncture of the Basin or pillow.

EZ-Access EZ-BATHE Inflatable Bathtub Specifications

Inside Dimensions (L X W X D) 71" x 22" x 13.5"
Outside Dimensions (L X W X D) 84" x 31" x 13.5"
Material PVC Vinyl
Color Green

EZ Bathe Inflatable Tub Warranty

1 year limited warranty

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