SpaceSaver Treatment Table

Trying to make space at home for large and heavy furniture is always a tedious task for a person, and when a treatment table takes up a lot of space, it can be hindrance to the people in the house. This is why technology came up with a brilliant idea to create space saver treatment tables. These tables have special features that allow the table to fit right into your house as it was there all along. The backrest and footrest in these tables is collapsible. Which means, that these tables are nearly 40% smaller than standard treatment tables. The backrest and footrest can be set up using a brace that supports the two.

Rehab store brings to you space saving space saver treatment tables from top selling brands such as Hausmann, Clinton Industries, Oakworks, etc.


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Benefits of Space Saver Treatment Tables

  • Is space saving and accommodating
  • Saves almost 40% of space
  • Has strong braces to support the backrest and footrest
  • Has a padded and breathable surface