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What is a Shoulder Brace? 

A shoulder brace is a medical device designed to support, stabilize, immobilize, and protect the arm and shoulder area to help heal and recover after injury, surgery, or medical conditions. The shoulder support brace does the following: 

  • Restricts the movement of the shoulder joint after injury or surgery for quick recovery 
  • Applies gentle compression on the swollen joints and damaged tissues to increase circulation and reduce pain and inflammation  
  • Protects the weak or painful shoulder from further injury 
  • Immobilizes the collar bone region and corrects the posture to treat clavicle injuries and fractures  

Rehab Store brings an extensive range of shoulder braces that provide optimal support and stability needed to accelerate healing and prevent re-injury whether you have sustained an arm or shoulder injury or recovering from surgery. 

When to use Arm Brace? 

A shoulder sling is useful for the following conditions, including: 

  • Shoulder fractures or dislocations 
  • Shoulder instability 
  • Rotator cuff injuries and tears 
  • Frozen shoulder syndrome 
  • Shoulder sprains and strains 
  • Injuries to the pectoral muscle  
  • Postop clavicle injuries and fractures 
  • Shoulder arthritis  
  • Subacromial Bursitis  
  • Tendinitis  

Types of Shoulder Brace for Pain 

Shoulder injuries can happen from repetition and overuse, accidental falls, and impact while playing sports. Most common shoulder injuries include dislocated shoulder, rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability, strains, or sprains. Other conditions like arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis and frozen shoulder can also cause pain and swelling.  

After a series of diagnostic tests, your physician may prescribe you a shoulder brace along with physical therapy and other treatment modalities. Different types of shoulder support braces are available that provide different levels of support to the shoulder region necessary for recovery. 

  • Shoulder Sling: The shoulder sling keeps the shoulder stable to prevent further injuries. The shoulder sling helps minimize movements while the shoulder recovers. The arm sling is ideal for cast support or arm, wrist, or hand injuries. 
  • Shoulder Immobilizer: A shoulder immobilizer maintains the shoulder at a fixed position to reduce movement to treat an injured or dislocated shoulder or rotator cuff. The shoulder stabilizer wraps around the opposing shoulder to keep the arm close to your body to reduce discomfort.  
  • Shoulder Wrap: A shoulder wrap applies gentle compression to encourage blood flow to promote healing. Increased circulation oxygenates the damaged tissues to reduce swelling and decrease pain. Often neoprene material is used for its stretchy properties that naturally retain the body’s heat to warm the tissue. Core Swede-O Thermal Vent Shoulder Wrap has a thermal lining that retains body heat to ease frozen shoulder, sore muscles, and arthritis. 
  • Clavicle Brace: The clavicle brace provides support and stability to the collar bone area by immobilizing the region following injury or fracture. The figure 8 brace wraps around both sides of the shoulders and brings the shoulders back to improve posture to aid in healing the collar bone. 

Arm Brace Benefits 

  • Helps reduce pain and swelling after a shoulder injury or surgery  
  • Accelerates the healing process by restricting shoulder joint movement  
  • Supports the weight of the arm to give the necessary rest to the area 
  • Prevents re-injuries and keeps your injury from getting worse 
  • Increases arm and shoulder stability  
  • Decreases the risk of shoulder dislocation  
  • Promotes correct alignment of the shoulder joint 

Shoulder Brace Buying Guide  

  • Material of the Shoulder Brace: Shoulder support braces are made from various materials, including neoprene, nylon, spandex, lycra, and mesh. Choose a material that is breathable, flexible, and comfortable to wear for an extended period. 
  • Design of the Shoulder Support Brace: Some shoulder supports are designed to immobilize the shoulder, while others are meant to be worn when playing sports or engaging in activities that require a full range of shoulder movement. It is important to select the design that is relevant to the purpose of its use. Your physician or physical therapist can guide which shoulder support brace best suits your condition. 
  • Size of the Shoulder Immobilizer: Some of the shoulder supports are made in a universal size. Buy a shoulder immobilizer with adjustable securing mechanisms to get a customized fit. 
  • Hot/cold therapy: Some shoulder slings come with removable gel packs that can be frozen or heated to provide hot/cold therapy to the affected region to help relieve pain and swelling. 

Top-Selling Shoulder Support at Rehab Store 

  1. Ovation Medical Shoulder Abduction Sling 
  2. Advanced Orthopaedics Deluxe Sling and Swathe Immobilizer 
  3. Rolyan Post-Surgical Arm Support 
  4. Advanced Orthopaedics Shoulder Abduction Pillow with Ball 

Where to buy the Arm Brace online? 

Rehab Store carries a huge collection of arm slings, shoulder immobilizers, and clavicle braces that are useful in shoulder rehabilitation following an illness, injury, or surgery. We have durable and high-quality shoulder braces from leading manufacturers like BSN Medical, Patterson Medical, Medline Industries, Ossur, etc., at affordable prices. Shop today and get back to normal activities. 

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