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What is a Bouffant Cap?

Bouffant Cap is a fabric cap that does not allow the hair to escape from the cap and protects the surroundings from getting contaminated by the hair fall of the patient, medical staff, or surgeon. This medical cap is secured around the head with an elastic band that prevents the hair net cap from falling out and stays in place without getting removed. It can be used for different purposes involving usage in cleanrooms, food service, medical areas, and other settings to contain loose hair. At Rehab Store, we carry a wide range of hair caps that are simple to use and provide effective protection against product contamination. These are made from high-quality materials, and we bring them from trusted and top-selling brands and manufacturers!

When to use Hair Nets?

Bouffant hair nets can be used for several purposes in different industries like:

  • Pharmaceutical Industries: Pharmaceutical workers often need to use hair restraints to prevent the hair from falling into medical solutions, pill boxes, and other drugs.
  • Healthcare Industries: To prevent the hair from falling in the medical and healthcare areas, which can become a cause of infection spread, the healthcare workers use the medical cap. It acts as a restraint that ensures the safety of the patient.
  • Cleanrooms: Cleanrooms are those places where the utmost priority is to ensure that the room is completely free from harmful infections. In such places, even air is filtered to keep the room clean and hygienic. To increase the level of safety, these hair caps can be used that prevents the hair from falling and decreases the risk of contamination.
  • Food Processing Industry: Food packaging and processing industries need to use hair coverings to prevent food contamination.

Benefits of using a Bouffant Cap

  • Lightweight and comfortable surgical caps
  • Prevents the risk of contamination
  • Inexpensive disposable surgical caps
  • Prevents the hair from falling and contaminating the workspace
  • Elastic bands provide a snug fit

How to wear a Bouffant Surgical Cap?

  1. Place the band portion of the bouffant hats on your forehead.
  2. Pull the bouffant portion of the hat down to cover the top of your head.
  3. Tuck your hair into the pouch.
  4. Dispose of after using the PPE cap.

Where to buy Hair Nets?

Bouffant caps are made of fabric that does not have large openings and prevents stray hairs from contaminating a work area. Their flexible sizing conforms to most hairstyles. At Rehab store, we offer a wide range of bouffant caps from top-selling brands like Busse Hospital Disposables, Cardinal Health, Kimberly-Clark, and more.

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