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Who is a caregiver?

A caregiver is a person who helps the bedridden or partial immobile patients with their daily living activities, including grooming, housekeeping, meal prep, and personal care chores such as bathing and toileting. Caregivers are often relatives. However, they can also be neighbors or paid professionals. It's noteworthy that most long-term care is provided by family and friends within the home facility, with a mere 11% of individuals living in a nursing home or a rehab facility.

Why do you need Caregiving Supplies?

Family caregivers always have a lot on their plate, with many errands to run and care for their loved ones. Caregivers need to have their supplies handy. Rehab Store offers a wide range of caregiving supplies that can help them stay ready for any situation that may surface.

Types of Caregiving Products

Caregiving supplies help the caregivers be there for their patients more efficiently and provide them with better quality care. Having the right caregiving products keep one prepared and can save the trouble of finding everything at the eleventh hour. These supplies include -

Depending on the caregiving essentials and the frequency of their usage, you may also want to keep them stocked in advance.

Where can I find the Best Supplies for Caregivers?

Rehab Store offers caregiving essentials for a speedy recovery and rehabilitation. We offer a wide range of elderly care products to keep them safe during the process of their complete recovery.