Pediatric Treatment Table

Pediatric medical equipment has to be specially designed to appeal to children and their needs. Medical equipment tends to instil fear in children and thus the idea of pediatric or child-friendly tables emerged. These pediatric treatment tables have prints on their sides that are based on animals, cartoons, and children’s fables. They are smaller than average treatment tables and look less intimidating than the standard treatment tables. Some of the child friendly treatment tables we have are shaped like a car or truck to give the child the idea of fun instead of treatment. They are flexible and sturdy enough to withstand a child playing on or around them. We at Rehab store understand the needs of children and offer a wide range of child friendly pediatric treatment tables from top selling brands such as Clinton, Hausmann, etc.

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Benefits of Pediatric Treatment Tables

  • They are made specially for children
  • They have patterns of animals and children’s stories to engage children
  • They are small and child appropriate in size
  • They are sometimes shaped as animals or vehicles
  • They are strong and durable