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What is a Sock Aid?

Dressing up gets tricky after an injury or operation. It is especially inconvenient to put on socks for people dealing with arthritis or recovering from a stroke. For such people, using a Sock Aid can be useful for maintaining independence and allowing individuals to perform self-care tasks on their own. A sock aid is a rigid or flexible assistive device attached to one continuous loop or two long handles. Normally, the sock slips over the flexible part of the sock aid so the top of the sock is held open. Then, the foot is slipped into the sock opening, and the tool is pulled back and upward, which helps the foot slip into the sock and out of the support. Once the sock is slid onto the aid, it is dropped down to the floor while holding the handles. They are commonly used by elderly individuals, people with disabilities or injuries that affect their range of motion, or individuals recovering from surgery.

Are you or a loved one struggling to put on socks due to mobility issues or injuries? Consider investing in a sock aid! Our high-quality sock assistance devices are designed to help individuals maintain their independence and perform self-care tasks with ease. Our sock aids come in various sizes and styles to fit your specific needs and are available for purchase at affordable prices. Don't let mobility issues hold you back - try our sock helper tools today and regain your independence!

Who should use a Sock Helper Tool?

Putting a sock on or off while dressing poses a huge challenge. Often it may seem frustrating for people who suffer from joint damage, hand pain, back pain, stiffness, and fatigue. Arthritis in the back or even the hands and fingers can make a simple task hard. A hip surgery or painful knee joints may not allow bending to reach the feet. As a matter of fact, living with any medical condition limiting the range of motion makes putting on socks painful. But with the right sock aid, the whole process of dressing up can become a little easier!

How to choose the Best Sock Assistance Device?

There are various aids to help individuals with arthritis put on socks, including flexible sock aids, sock aids with one or more handles, and rigid sock aids in different colors and styles.

  1. Right Material

    To choose the right sock aid, one must decide whether they require a sock aid with flexible or rigid material. A flexible sock aid bends, making it easier to put the sock onto the holder and not overstretched. The rigid sock aids are usually larger, stretchy, and hold the sock wide open. People with swollen feet or who require compression stockings should go for a rigid sock aid since it is extra wide.
  2. Right Handle Type

    Different individuals require different types of handles. Some sock aids have long, rigid handles that are easier to hold. While some have single handles or a continuous loop, such aids work well for people with one hand, amputees, or patients with post-stroke hemiparesis. However, it may seem troublesome for people with depth perception issues as the handle is a continuous loop. Sock aids with two handles need better coordination to pull the handles through. The users can adjust the length of the sock aid cords to reach the floor while in a seated position.

Types of Sock Helpers for the Elderly

  1. Compression Stocking Aid

    The aid is fixed to a continuous loop cord. To use the sock aid for compression socks -
    • One needs to pull the compression stockings over the plastic shape.
    • Insert the foot and pull the cord up to bring the stocking onto the leg.
    • Now position the feet properly.
    Some rigid sock aids are fashioned with grooves to catch the stocking and prevent sliding off during use.
  2. Stocking Donner

    These are made with comfy foam grip handles. The donner decreases the need to bend at the waist, strain the muscles, or get injured. Large foam grips help hold the handles— such assistive aids for the elderly help with severe arthritis. Similarly, the wide sock aids have a flat design for better support and to prevent the sock aid from rolling down. The sock notch on the side helps hold the sock or stocking in place on the sock aid.

How to use a Sock Aid Device?

  • Place a sock over the plastic core.
  • Insert your foot inside the sock's opening, resting it on/over the plastic base.
  • Pull the sock aid using its foam handles, and you're done!

It is noteworthy that when putting on a sock using a sock aid, the bottom of the foot slides along the curved plastic.

Where to buy sock aid?

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