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Hip Replacement is a medical procedure wherein the hip joint is replaced by a hip prosthesis. It can be performed as a hemi replacement or total replacement surgery. Such joint replacement surgery is usually conducted to relieve arthritis pain or to treat joint failure caused by osteoarthritis. Other indications may include traumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, certain hip fractures, avascular necrosis, benign and malignant bone tumors, protrusio acetabuli, arthritis associated with Paget's disease, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis. The aims of the hip replacement surgery are to provide pain relief and enhance hip functionality. At Rehab Store, we offer a wide variety of hip replacement products that would help in faster recovery from the surgery while assisting in routine activities. Choose from our top-selling manufacturers like Complete Medical, Patterson, North Coast Medical, Drive Medical, and many more @ attractive prices!

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Hip Replacement Aftercare

Follow the below-given measures to make your life easier when you return home after your hip replacement surgery:

  • Minimize stair climbing
  • Avoid recliners and use straight-back chairs
  • Use cushions for your chairs, sofas, and wheelchairs that keep your knees lower than your hips
  • Keep floors and rooms clutter free to avoid falls
  • Install grab bars and handrails wherever required
  • Use a raised toilet seat

Hip Kits for Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip kits are complete hip replacement recovery kits that include all the essential daily living aids required by people who have difficulty bending at hips. Hip kits usually include the following items:

  • Reacher - Reachers are used to pick up light objects without excessive bending or stretching of hips.
  • Dressing Stick - Dressing sticks help in putting on shirts, pulling up pants or skirts, etc. without twisting or bending.
  • Sponge - Long handled sponges help in washing hard-reaching areas of the body such as back, feet, etc.
  • Shoehorn - Shoehorns are used to put on and take off shoes without excessive bending of new hips.
  • Sock Aid - Sock aids are designed for people with limited ability to conveniently put on socks.