Premium Hip Kit

Premium Hip Kit

Brand/Manufacturer: MISCELLANEOUS

A Premium Hip Replacement Kit is made to assist people in getting better after hip surgery or injury. It has important tools for everyday tasks that might be hard after hip trouble. Inside, you'll find a tool to grab things, a long sponge on a stick, a tool for putting on socks, a stick for getting dressed, and a shoehorn. These things help you reach stuff, wear socks and shoes, and get dressed without bending too much or hurting your hip.

Why choose the Premium Hip Replacement Kit?

  • Contains all the essential tools to assist an individual in day-to-day activities
  • Ideal for individuals with low mobility
  • Assists in the healing process
  • Ideal for patients recovering from hip or knee surgery or injury

WarningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Item # Desc Pkg Price
#847102020235 With 32" Reacher Each
#847102020068 With 26" Reacher Each

What does Premium Hip Replacement Kit Include?

Sock Aid:

  • The included sock aid measures 9-5/8" Long x 5" Wide x 3" Thick with 33" Long Cords.
  • Made from smooth abs plastic, this sock aid slides on effortlessly while holding your sock.
  • This item helps pull up socks or stockings.
  • Simply stretch your sock onto the body of the sock aid, place your foot inside, and pull up on the foam handles.
Sock Aid


  • This shoehorn is made with powder-coated steel and measures 24" long.
  • Features a red non-slip handle that gives you a perfect grip while you put your shoes on.
  • This is the ideal tool for putting on or taking off shoes, slippers, or even sandals.


  • Made from lightweight aluminum, this reacher can hold up to 10 lbs.
  • It also features a magnetized end that is perfect for picking up metal items.
  • Reduce the need for straining or beending to reach things around the house.

Dressing Stick:

  • This dressing stick measures 27" long.
  • The "C" hook is ideal for pulling zippers or shoelace loops.
  • The vinyl coating on the push/pull hook protects both your skin and any delicate fabrics and can be used for putting on shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, or taking off socks.
Dressing Stick

Long Handled Sponge:

  • The long handle helps wash hard-to-reach places while eliminating the need for excessive bending and reaching.
  • The soft foam sponge is gentle on the skin and the handle can easily be reshaped using a hair dryer.
Long Handled Sponge

Shoe Laces:

  • The shoelaces eliminate the need to repeatedly bend over to tie shoes.
  • Once set up these laces will stay in place.
  • Your shoes will slide on and off comfortably while holding the proper amount of tension.
Shoe Laces

When to use a Hip Replacement Kit?

People with the following physical conditions can use hip kits:

  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Lack of muscle control
  • Limited body movement due to injury
  • Orthopedic Concerns
  • Difficulty in bending
  • Difficulty in dressing and grooming
  • Difficulty reaching shoes or gripping socks
  • Arthritis

How do Hip Kits Help?

Premium Hip Replacement Kit is exclusively manufactured to improve the quality of life of those who have undergone anterior hip replacement surgery. It helps in the restoration process of muscle strength after surgery. Subsequently, a hip kit ensures independence and prevents any injuries to the tender joint muscles. It offers the utmost convenience to the patient in doing daily chores, making it easier to live with limited mobility, such as bathing, dressing, and reaching for high items.

What to buy with Hip Kit

How to Use Premium Hip Kit

  • Keep the tools near your bed or chair so you can easily get them.
  • Pick up stuff without bending your hip. Hold the tool tight and don't try to lift heavy or tricky things.
  • Use the sock aid to wear and take off socks without bending. Put the sock on the aid, then slip your foot in. Pull the sock up with the straps.
  • Wear and take off clothes without bending. Push clothes down or pull them up using the dressing stick.
  • Clean hard-to-reach spots without bending. Put soap on the sponge and use it for your back, legs, and feet.


  • Do not bend past 90 degrees.
  • Do not cross your legs.
  • Do not turn your hip inward.
  • Select easy clothing.
  • Keep your clothes within reach.

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