5 Top Reviewed Dressing Aid for Getting Dressed with Ease

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With age comes a lot of physical challenges. Some of these troubles may seem minuscule on the outside but can potentially affect the quality of one's life greatly. One such challenge is getting dressed. Needlessly, getting dressed is quite a challenge for seniors and anybody who experiences arthritis, terminal illness, or has recently had a stroke or surgery. These situations and many others can render a person unable to dress or undress, don on or don off clothes or shoes.  

Putting on clothes every morning should not be a hustle or contention that lowers the spirits of our older adults. It should not be the reason someone loses their independence and confidence. Rehab Store offers five top-reviewed adaptive equipment for dressing, including BSN Jobst Stocking Donner and Economy Dressing Stick, to combat the problems that may arise while getting dressed. 

5 Top Reviewed Dressing Aids to Help Seniors in Getting Dressed  

1. Adult Wide Style Sock Aid 

Sock aid makes it easier for people with lymphedema, cerebral palsy, and hip replacement to wear socks. Adult Wide Style Sock Aid assists individuals who cannot bend down due to limited mobility. Subsequently, the center panel on the wide sock aid comes with raised slide strips, reducing the friction in the heel. The wide style sock aid for elderly is an easy-to-use hose, and stocking donner, helpful for accommodating large or swollen feet. 

Why use Adult Wide Style Sock Aid? 

  • The adult sock donner has a braided cord handle and flexible plastic. 
  • It helps users in getting dressed efficiently. 
  • This medical sock aid helps put on socks for people with larger or swollen feet
  • The side wings come with larger hook areas to grip the sock as it is being pulled up the leg. 
  • Sock helper provides independence and privacy while getting dressed. 

Adult Wide Style Sock Aid Customer Reviews

4.5 Star Reviews on Adult Wide Style Sock Aid[16 Reviews]


06/15/20 by Le P. ”I have very little use of my legs and finally found a device that lets me get my compression socks on unassisted. "


2. BSN Jobst Stocking Donner 

BSN Jobst Stocking Donner pulls on compression socks or any other compression hosiery. It aids the users in getting dressed for a comfortable bedtime with its extended reach. The stocking donner is ideal for people with arthritis, limited dexterity, and limited bending motion. Jobst sock helper is used with both open and closed-toe compression garments. 

Why use BSN Jobst Stocking Aide? 

  • It allows the user to extend their reach and manage stockings with greater ease. 
  • A sturdy steel-coated frame holds the sock open so the user can step into it from where they are sitting or standing. 
  • Jobst sock helper comes with a simple step-in procedure for easy donning of the stockings. 

BSN Jobst Stocking Donner Customer Reviews

4.5 Star Reviews on BSN Jobst Stocking Donner[14 Reviews]


10/23/20 by Sharon G. ”Works well and is big enough and works as advertised. "


3. Sammons Preston Sock and Stocking Aid with Built-Up Foam Handles 

The Sammons Preston sock aid with built-up foam handles is a simple and effective dressing aid that allows the users to preserve their independence and freedom without much effort. To use, stretch socks or stockings over the molded plastic trough and slide the foot along the channel and into the hose using the handles. Once in place, pull the track out with the handles. A variety of handle alternatives are available to meet the demands and preferences of the user. 

Why choose Sammons Preston Sock Aide? 

  • It eliminates the need to bend over at the hips to don stockings. 
  • This sock assist tool is easy to store and appropriate for traveling. 
  • The sock aide helps for personal use at home, on the go, or in nursing homes. 
  • Sammons Preston Sock Assist Tool is designed to make getting dressed easier for people with restricted movement to put on socks or stockings. 

Sammons Preston Sock and Stocking Aid with Built-Up Foam Handles Customer Reviews

4.5 Star Reviews on Sammons Preston Sock and Stocking Aid with Built-Up Foam Handles [8 Reviews]


02/19/21 by Linda C. ”This product is a great aid for elderly people. It is really very easy to use. "


4. Economy Dressing Stick 

Economy Dressing Stick is designed for people with limited or no mobility in one of their arms. The one end of the Economy Dressing Stick has a small hook for picking up and reaching for clothes, and pulling on garments for the lower body. The other has a larger clip and pusher to position clothes without damaging the fabric. Subsequently, a long wooden stem makes it lightweight and effective. 

Why choose Economy Dressing Stick? 

  • Economy Dressing Stick can also benefit stroke survivors experiencing a reduced range of movement in their limbs. 
  • This adaptive equipment for dressing has various shapes of wire hooks on each end. The user can hook and pull items of clothing into position. 
  • The Economy Dressing Stick is handy for putting on jackets, shirts, skirts, or trousers. 
  • It is also used to pull up socks or fasten zips. 

Economy Dressing Stick Customer Reviews

4.5 Star Reviews on Economy Dressing Stick[7 Reviews]


01/08/20 by Paul ”A very helpful item for people that can not bend down. "


5. Sock Horse Sock Aid 

Sock Horse Sock Aid helps pull on the socks and decrease bending and straining while putting them on. The rubber grips of the sock horse are gentle on even the most delicate socks and nylons. Subsequently, this sock aid does not stretch out socks; only the top of the sock goes on the grips. This adaptive equipment is helpful for people with weaker hands, and the tool is also used as a shoehorn. 

Why choose Sock Horse Sock Donner?  

  • Minimal contact against the skin helps minimize skin breakdowns and irritation.  
  • Two tools in one - the bottom guides can be used as a long-handled shoehorn.   
  • It works well with most men's and women's socks.   
  • A long ergonomic handle with ribbed thumb grips makes it easy to hold.  
  • Guides cradle legs, steadying the tool while inserting sock onto the tool. 

Sock Horse Sock Aid Customer Reviews

4. Star Reviews on Sock Horse Sock Aid[6 Reviews]


08/13/21 by Thomas M. ”Great"



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