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A wide variety of specialized cups designed for those suffering from dysphagia and with difficulty in swallowing. Dysphagia cups have been designed to reduce risk of spillage and provide controlled feeding by directing liquid to the center of the mouth. Makes for self-drinking easy with ergonomically designed handles. All types of dysphagia cups found here such as vacuum cups, cups with snorkel lids and feeding cups with long spouts.


What are Dysphagia Cups?

Dysphagia cups are specially designed adaptive drinking aids for people who suffer from dysphagia. Dysphagia is a medical condition where a person faces difficulty swallowing and drinking something. This is a common condition among the elderly and people with a disability. Dysphagia can be caused due to different anatomical problems, esophagus malfunctioning, neurological problems, muscular dystrophy, and other conditions.

The swallowing difficulty can have a notable impact on the patient’s wellbeing. The problem can lead to other complications such as dehydration and malnutrition as the patient avoids the necessary act of drinking. Traditional cups make it difficult to facilitate a safe swallow. Dysphagia cups are ergonomically designed to help combat the problems that dysphagic patients encounter. Thy come in many different types and can vary in size, color, style, and more.

Rehab store is committed to providing health solutions no matter what life throws at you. We carry innovatively designed dysphagia cups to promote independent drinking and give access to the better hydration and nutrition one needs for overall well-being. All kinds of dysphagia cups are found here, such as vacuum cups, cups with snorkel lids, and feeding cups with long spouts. Rije Dysphagia Cup dispenses controlled liquid portions ideal for people suffering from dysphagia, limited range of neck, head, and arms movement, or those requiring predetermined doses of liquid.

Features of Dysphagia Cup

  • Comes with wide handles for easy grip 
  • Made of durable, non-toxic material 
  • Institutional dishwasher safe up to 180°F 
  • Suitable for warm and cold liquids 
  • BPA, Phthalates, and latex-free 
  • Bite-safe and shatterproof 
  • Dispenses controlled liquid portions 
  • Some cups come with snorkel lids and long spouts

How does a Dysphagia Cup work?

The dysphagia cups are designed to meet the needs of people who have difficulty accomplishing a safe and successful swallow. A successful swallow occurs when food or liquid goes into the food tube and not into the lungs. The special design of the dysphagia cup prevents the liquids from escaping at the lips and directs them to the center of the mouth. The cup allows the user to maintain the chin tucked down while drinking, encouraging a normal swallowing mechanism. The patient can empty the cup without tilting the head back.

Features to look for in a Dysphagia Cup

1. Non-spill

Look for non-spill dysphagia cups as users suffering from tremors, weak grip, dexterity problems may be prone to spilling, dropping, or shaking the cups.

2. Easy to hold

Purchase dysphagia cups that have large handles to accommodate the user’s hands to hold them and keep them steady and stable.

3. Purpose

The cup should suit the user's needs and have all the features to facilitate a successful swallow, such as it can regulate the amount of fluid they consume.

Where to buy Best Dysphagia Cups online?

Rehab Store offers a wide variety of adaptive drinking aids to help accomplish safe swallow from leading manufacturers like Maddak, Graham-Field, North Coast Medical, and many more.

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