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A Wedge Cushion is a therapeutic cushion specially designed in a triangle shape that helps reduce pressure on the lower back. Wedge chair cushion heals the pain at the lower hips, and trauma to the coccyx prevents bad posture, and aids sitting in proper alignment. Wedge seat cushion is specifically made of memory foam or polyfoam that stays in position to provide maximum support and superior comfort to the users while seated on a regular chair for a longer period. A comfortable and ergonomically-designed wedge foam cushion aims to redistribute overall body pressure and enhance body posture in order to prevent back pain or impairment in the lumbar spine

Who can use Wedge Seat Cushion? 

Anybody with one or more of the following conditions can use a wedge cushion. 

Benefits of Chair Wedge Cushion 

1. Reduce tail bone pain and discomfort 

A seat wedge cushion is ideal for individuals who prefer long hours sitting on chairs, wheelchairs, or automobiles for pressure redistribution, pain relief, and comfort. The wedge seat cushion helps keep your spine in a straight line to relieve pain from the base of the spine which alleviates discomfort.  

2. Provides orthopedic support to the lumbar region 

The wedge foam cushion with superior-quality memory foam provides optimal support to the sensitive area of the spinal column. A slight height in the back pushes the pelvis forward and places the tailbone in a comfortable position. 

3. Improves posture alignment 

Sitting for extremely long hours can result in bad posture. The pelvic tilt wedge cushion helps prevent slouching, improves proper posture, and keeps people more aware of their sitting position. 

4. Travel friendly 

The usage of the foam wedge cushion is not limited to the home or office. Because of its lightweight feature, this cushion allows users to carry it with them wherever they need to sit for a long time. 

Positioning Wedge Cushion for Ultimate Comfort 

1. Upright Recline Position 

Place the wedge cushion for bed in a recumbent position like a short wide edge on the mattress, flat side on the wall, or headboard that allows you to sit in a straight position to cause you to lean back comfortably. 

2. A Gentle Slope for Back Sleep or Side Sleep 

When you start sleeping on an incline is better for your back, especially if you are experiencing back pain—using a wedge cushion while lying on a flat surface converts it into an adjustable bed. Back wedge cushion takes off the pressure and helps soothe health issues like coughing or acid reflux and prevents causing discomfort. 

3. Pressure Relief 

Placing the wedge foam cushion under your knees relieves pressure on your lumbar spine and improves blood flow in the legs, which recovers weary muscles, DVT, varicose veins, and swollen feet. 

Where to Buy Wedge Cushion? 

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